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Denver Tours

Brews, bears, bites, and big scary ghosts! It’s all here in historic Denver, and these tours are your ticket to exploration and excitement.

There are a limited number of places on this planet where you can relish in jaw-dropping mountain landscapes and modern urban cityscapes on the same day, but the Mile High City definitely fits the bill — there are plenty of things to do in Denver!

In between a room service breakfast in bed and front-row seats to our traveling production, these Denver tours will take you to the brightest spots in town.

Historical and Cultural Tours

Denver was founded in 1858 as a product of the era’s gold rush, and much of the architecture and spirit of those early days is still felt throughout the city.

Tours dedicated to exploring Denver’s history pay homage to hundreds of years of hope, progress, innovation, and passion. All you have to do is go along for the ride.

Denver History Tour

That age-old suggestion to slow down and smell the roses could be your ticket to really getting to know the ins and outs of Denver. Historic Denver’s walking tours take you through the city step by step — literally.

Stroll around the trendy downtown neighborhood called LoDo. Your tour guide will show you how the area’s historic warehouses have been turned into stores, restaurants, and other urban attractions.

The tour of Larimer Square concentrates on a small section of the city, but there’s so much to absorb. The incredible 1911 Daniels & Fisher Clock Tower anchors the oldest block in Denver, and there are specialty boutiques and eateries galore.

Photographer: Logan Bonjean

Art and Museum Tour of Denver

The Denver Art Museum is a powerhouse of artistic innovation, with collections spanning everything from African and Latin-American art to photography, textile/fashion, and contemporary creations.

You can tour those collections — and explore exhibits like Amoako Boafo: Soul of Black Folks and Islands Beyond Blue — by booking a guided tour.

For an informal artistic encounter, add the Denver Art Hack Tour to your schedule. Downtown Denver is practically bursting with public art.

Some of it decorates the walls of the pedestrian-friendly 16th Street Mall. Other pieces act as magnets for selfie fans visiting Civic Center Park. The tour ensures you won’t miss a thing — even that big blue bear.

Photographer: Acton Crawford

Culinary and Brewery Tours

Ever since Denverites tapped their first locally produced keg in 1859, this mountainous city has had a reputation for brewing excellence.

Where there’s beer, mouthwatering food is sure to follow. These Denver tours serve locals and visitors the best of both worlds.

Denver Gourmet Food Tour

All these exciting Denver excursions can make anyone work up an appetite, so it’s a good thing there are several gourmet food tours laid out like a sightseeing buffet.

Secret Food Tours: Denver mixes up historic and contemporary eats with itineraries that take you around local joints where green chiles reign supreme.

Delicious Denver Food Tours concentrates on the city’s downtown area, with three hours of food tastings and drink pairings narrated by a local foodie.

Nosh on treats such as authentic Neapolitan pizza, flaky empanadas, and Southwestern scrambles to your heart’s content. But, the fun doesn’t stop when you fold up your napkin and say Uncle.

Most tours also include glimpses of architectural gems, like a couple of the city’s secret tunnels and even a world-famous bordello.

Add in stops by the stadium and a Union Station sighting for good measure, and you have all of Denver plus tasty food wrapped into one thrilling afternoon out.

Mile High Brewery Tours

Get ready to say "cheers" because these Denver drinking tours are going to give you a wealth of reasons to clink glasses and celebrate. For those who enjoy an ice-cold IPA or milk stout from time to time, Denver is a microbrew HQ.

The city has hundreds of highly lauded breweries, pubs, and tasting rooms. Brew ‘n Views is one tour with stops that deliver both drinks and gorgeous scenery.

As for individual brewery tours, there are plenty to be had. It’s a short drive to Golden, Colorado, home of Coors Brewery. This is no basement setup, of course — Coors churns out 22 million barrels of beer a year.

The tour lets you see how all those cans and bottles get from the factory to your fridge.

On the smaller side of things are Great Divide and Wynkoop Brewing Company. Both are prized by locals, so you can kick back and drink a Rail Yard Amber Ale and play darts before you head off to catch our newest shows in Denver.

If you prefer to burn off your beers as you imbibe them, check out Bike & Brew. The tour starts out with the group riding by some key Denver attractions.

It winds up in the RiNo district with everyone sipping and smiling. And don’t worry about any huffing and puffing blowing away your fun — the route is meant for leisure, not exertion, so you can expect mostly flat terrain.

Photographer: Nolan Kent

Outdoor and Adventure Tours

Denver’s proximity to the Rocky Mountains secures the city’s status as one of the best places for outdoor enthusiasts to live and visit. Kayaking? You got it. Skateboarding? That too!

There’s a skate park with 60,000 square feet of space for skaters and bladers to showcase their tricks. Just want to hike? Denver’s trails are calling. But first, sample some of the top alfresco attractions with tours geared toward outdoor adventures.

Rocky Mountain Exploration Tours

You can’t exactly scale to a mountain peak while hanging out in downtown Denver, but tour companies are happy to pick you and your BFFs up in the city and take you to meet Mother Nature on her turf.

The Rocky Mountain National Park Tour is one of the best ways to get up close and personal with your expert’s pick of 300-plus miles of greenery-lined trails.

In between rides down Trail Ridge Road and a dip into the hotel shown in The Shining (*gulp*), you’ll enjoy a picnic near Colorado’s cutest wildlife.

Colorado Sightseer has multiple Rocky Mountain National Park tour options, with routes that change depending on the season.

Warmer weather in summer and fall allows for treks that take you up to 14,000 feet up the mountainside. You’ll be greeted by breathtaking vistas, herds of grass-nibbling elk, and the occasional waterfall.

In winter and spring, the full-day trip focuses on lower terrain, with stops at Moraine Park, the Alluvial Fan, and a mountain village perfect for loading up on artsy souvenirs.

Photographer: Pablo Lara

Denver Bike Tour

Tour Denver by bike, and you’ll get to know the city from a new perspective — on a banana seat without a window between you and the view. The 2.5-hour jaunt from Mile High Bike Tours is legendary.

You’ll join up with a bunch of other bikers and follow an experienced guide as they lead you on a diverse tour of historic buildings, sports stadiums, concert venues, architectural wonders, verdant parks, and public art installations worthy of oohs and ahhs.

All in all, you’ll propel yourself and your bike a total of 10 miles, and most of the terrain is flat enough to make the excursion enjoyable, even for those who aren’t well-acquainted with pedal-powered vehicles.

But there’s also the option of an electric-assist bike — even more reason to get some fresh air before grabbing dinner and heading to our show.

Special Interest Tours

When you’re not busy biking, hiking, eating, drinking, or waiting patiently to witness acrobatic excellence in person, what else is there to do in Denver?

It’s special interest time, and that means tours that delve into the edgier side of this stellar city.

Ghost and Haunted Locations Tours of Denver

Welcome to some of the spookiest tours in Denver. It’s time to put aside your fear of the unknown and let your courage lead the way.

These ghost tours might give you goosebumps, but you’re all but guaranteed to have some chill-inducing stories to take home.

The Ghost Ride Haunted Tour Bus kicks off at The Mansion on Colfax, a restaurant and bar that dates back to the late 1800s. Legend has it this former pharmacy and underground speakeasy has a four-legged canine ghost that plays with living dogs from time to time.

After a little liquid courage, you’ll continue on to some of Denver’s most notable paranormal hotspots. With any luck, you’ll see a spirit firsthand.

For those who feel more comfortable when they have the option to run at a moment’s notice, there’s the Dark Side of Denver walking tour.

As your guide feeds stories of ghastly deeds from Denver’s past, you’ll visit the actual sites that are supposedly haunted by spirits looking for comfort or a way to express their rage.

Maybe once you’re inside a brothel or in a mysterious bookshop, you’ll understand why these eerie escapades have been featured in top travel magazines and even on TV.

Denver Holiday Lights and History Tours

When fall gives way to winter and the holidays are almost within reach, Denver nights spark to life, courtesy of thousands of twinkling strands of holiday lights. Book a Holiday Lights & History Walking Tour to tick two boxes with one stroke of your pen.

First, get to wander around the Christmas city, and soak up seasonal splendor in the form of scenic displays and the Christkindlmarket. This German market brings the charm and pizazz of European Christmas to downtown Denver.

Then, as you’re debating whether to take another pic of the lights or stock up on handmade ornaments, your guide will drop tidbits about Denver’s history, enriching the experience one trivia nugget at a time.

Photographer: Goost Eight

Family-Friendly Tours

While ghost tours and brewery visits aim to please a more mature crowd, families coming to Denver, Colorado, can also find tours that entertain and educate people of all ages.

After all, you’re never too young or too old to peep at a penguin or fall in love with a lion, right?

Denver Zoo Tour

Infuse a little fur and feathers into your list of must-do Denver sightseeing tours with a stop by the Denver Zoo.

While it doesn’t have a full-service tour of the entire park, it does offer event encounters that act like mini tours of specific exhibits.

For instance, you can assist a giraffe expert during feeding time and enjoy exclusive access to the tallest members of the zoo family.

Or, if you prefer a sturdy creature to cuddle (or at least to scratch gently while keeping the rest of your body at a safe distance), you can pair up with a rhino keeper and participate in snack time.

The Up-Close Look opportunity takes aspiring zookeepers and veterinarians to Johnson Animal Hospital. See how the zoo’s care team keeps itty-bitty amphibians and prowling jaguars in tip-top shape.

Downtown Aquarium Tour

The glistening, finned, and multi-legged critters that call the Downtown Aquarium in Denver home aren’t quite as skilled as performers who perform in our show, "O." But what residents of this 150,000-gallon aquarium lack in training they more than make up for in sheer beauty.

Take a self-guided tour through the aquarium, and you’ll experience multiple ecosystems that house more than 500 species of animals.

Touch a few stingrays, watch sharks cut through water like a knife through butter, and see how many eels you can spy poking their heads out of an ornate coral reef.

Before you go, catch a mermaid show at the aquarium restaurant. The production is as mystical as it is informative. It has choreographed moves with music and teaches the importance of preserving our oceans.

Denver Tours: Your Adventure in the Mile High City Awaits

These Denver tours show off the most intriguing and memorable parts of Colorado’s capital city. They highlight the stunning highs of snow-capped peaks and the literal lows of hidden rooms now home to lonely ghosts.

There’s so much to do that it’s almost impossible to plan the perfect itinerary.

No matter how busy your day gets, there’s one item that should always be on the list: a night out with us.

Our productions are an ode to escapism. We have dreamy sets and otherworldly acrobatic routines that stretch the boundaries of what you think is possible. If you visit one of our shows in Denver, you could be part of the heart-pounding action.

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