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Date Ideas In London

The perfect date can elicit butterflies and fuzzy feelings in partners who've been together for decades.

Whether your coupling is new or longstanding, the romance scene is better than ever with a myriad of things to do in London. Here are 31 date ideas in London to ignite your passions. 

Romantic Date Ideas in London 

Whisk your partner away for a special occasion on the wings of glamour to these romantic London date spots. 

1. Watch the Sunset From Primrose Hill

The long, grassy expanse of Primrose Hill is a green ocean amidst London's concrete towers. A summit of 63 meters above sea level makes the hill a smashing spot to catch a panoramic glimpse of the city skyline. At sundown, the sky transforms into a palette of orange, red, and yellow whorls that add an air of excitement to any lover's laze in the park.

Photographer: Timur Valiev

2. Get Creative at a Pottery Class

Smooth textures and creative vulnerability make pottery classes a lush bonding experience, and London offers couples plenty of places to perfect the art.

For complete beginners, The Kiln Rooms offers an introductory course where you and your partner can build your techniques in tandem. Skandihus also hosts bright, fun-filled classes so inspiring you'll soon be having your own private Ghost moment. 

3. Picnic on the Lawn at Hampstead Heath 

A beloved natural space amongst Londoners, Hampstead Heath is one of the best parks to spread out a blanket and settle in for an alfresco brunch.

Pack your picnic basket and nab a spot on the hilltop for a spectacular city backdrop as you gaze into each other's eyes. With champagne sipped and sandwiches nibbled, take a stroll on one of the many walking trails crisscrossing the Heath's wooded expanse. 

4. Dine at a Romantic Restaurant 

There's nothing like a luxurious meal and a glass of wine to bring two people closer together through flavor. The London food scene shines for couples looking to share a special night surrounded by tasty plates and treats.

Try the French restaurant Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester for an innovative Michelin-starred feast, or head to Trivet for hearty yet elevated fare with an extensive wine list. Maybe even try out one of the rooftop restaurants in London for a night with a spectacular view!

5. Sip Cocktails on a Rooftop 

A classic bar date becomes something special when it's set against the twinkling lights of the London skyline. Make memories with every sip of delicious drinks at one of the spectacular rooftop bars in London. The hip Sushi Samba in Covent Garden offers 360-degree views with inventive decor and a gleaming orange tree perched high up in the clouds.

For an ultra-posh cocktail with a view, try Allegra, where the outdoor water features and plant-studded terrace are so pleasant you just might have to stay for dinner. 

Adventurous Date Ideas in London 

We are synonymous with thrill and adventure, and a date that gets the hearts racing can be the fuel that keeps the spark burning.  

6. Unleash Your Inner Child at Immersive Gamebox

Couples who game together, stay together. Submerge yourselves into an on-screen adventure at Immersive Gamebox, an interactive gaming experience complete with touch screens, motion tracking, and panoramic audio.

Whether you're battling ghosts, escaping a psychedelic mansion, or sneaking around a casino with a bunny suspiciously similar to James Bond, each 90-minute session will fly by. Accept the challenge by yourselves, or bring another couple along for a dazzling double date. 

7. Take a Swing at Puttshack White City Mini-Golf 

A right of passage for teenage sweethearts, mini-golf remains an unparalleled date idea for couples of all ages. With that said, an evening at Puttshack White City isn't mini-golf like you've ever seen before.

Futuristic technology keeps track of your golf ball's every move and counts your points for you — because here, a hole-in-one isn't the only way to win the game. Retro decor, themed courses such as Beer Pong and Ring of Fire, and an endless stream of ice-cold drinks make this a date night served with a splash of nostalgia. 

8. Find Divinity at God's Own Junkyard

If you think Las Vegas holds the neon crown, you've never been to East London’s God's Own Junkyard. This unassuming warehouse is a fluorescent wonderland on the inside, home to thousands of light-up signs. Established by a longtime neon fanatic, one look at the Junkyard reveals a labor of love like no other.

Traverse the space with scones in hand (from the in-house bakery, The Rolling Scones Cafe), and take home a sign to start a collection of your own. 

9. Test Your Aim at Flight Club

Don't darts just scream romance? They do at Flight Club, a darts bar with an electrifying twist. Here, horseshoe-shaped strings of lights illuminate a Wild Western-style tavern speckled with private dart spaces. Order some shareable plates and a fruity cocktail, and then challenge your partner to a heated game of whooshing social darts. 

Fun Date Ideas in London 

Some of the best London date ideas let your wild and wacky sides fly.

10. Master Mixology at BYOC 

Taste buds are as unique as personalities, and sometimes, the perfect beverage just can't be found on a menu. For a tailored drinking experience for you and your partner, look no further than Bring Your Own Cocktail. Here, mixology maestros concoct bespoke drinks that celebrate the individual, creating a unique experience that cocktail enthusiasts will love to share. 

Photographer: Maksym Fesenko

11. Assume an Air of Intrigue at The Brig 

Where better to foster intimacy than London's smallest bar? The Brig offers guests a wholly private drinking adventure tucked within a charmingly cozy brick-walled bar lit by lanterns.

Bookings come with your own private bartender, dedicated to mixing up drinks at your service. For a truly personalized experience, step behind the counter and whip up a handcrafted drink for your partner's enjoyment. 

12. Brush Up on Your Painting Skills in the Dark

You might question your artistic capabilities, but what about when the lights go off? Paint in the Dark has set out to answer this question by hosting friendly painting parties sans illumination. Plunged into darkness amidst retro-futuristic decor with a boozy drink in one hand, you and your boo can let the creative spirit take over.

A witty instructor leads the class, and you'll go home with a fun memory and a glow-in-the-dark masterpiece.

13. Brandish a Ping-Pong Paddle at Bounce

The hollow clack of a ping-pong ball bouncing against the table and the whack of a whizzing paddle provide the background music for your courtship at Bounce, London's premier ping-pong bar. With music bouncing, balls flying, and cocktails flowing, this date spot is both simple and pleasingly quirky. 

14. Sing Your Heart Out at The Karaoke Hole 

No one belts out a timeless power ballad like a drag queen, but with a little liquid courage in your system, you and your date might come close. See for yourself at The Karaoke Hole, a flashy underground bar with a killer sound system, snappy atmosphere, and fierce hosts. Grab a drink, and sing a duet while the whole club cheers you on. 

15. Get Jazzy at The London Cabaret Club 

Wacky performers, side-splitting gags, and dazzling choreography — The London Cabaret Club has all this and more on its roster. Chic entertainment ventures and fine dining converge within this historic 1920s art deco building, giving new meaning to "dinner and a show."

No performance is too outlandish for this group, so couples can sit back and be amazed while munching on delectable British tapas. 

16. Slip on Your Skates at Roller Nation 

The best roller rinks stay true to their roots, and Roller Nation's retro style and funky soundtracks are living proof. Whisk your date away for a spin around the rink beneath a shining sea of glinting disco balls for Roller Disco, the club's Saturday night staple. Skating expertise isn't required, as every slip is an excuse to grasp your partner's hand in yours. 

For those who like a chillier version of skating, experience a sapphire glow at Canary Wharf’s ice skating rink.

17. Dance the Night Away on the Silent Sounds Boat Party

A night out at the club is a grand idea, but only if the playlist is popping. Eliminate the fear of a bad DJ by climbing aboard the Silent Sounds Boat Party. Everyone vibes to their own song at this silent disco, where you and your date can cozy up on the dance floor as it sails past some of London's most memorable landmarks, like the London Bridge.

Photographer: Semmick photo

18. Celebrate Sherlock With the Official Live Game 

If the 2010 BBC program Sherlock is permanently ingrained in your mind, Sherlock: The Official Live Game is unquestionably the best place to bring a like-minded date.

Here, you'll put your heads together to devise an escape plan from an elaborately designed room before the clock runs out. After you've tested your wit and verve, head to The Mind Palace for boozy drinks that definitely (probably) don't have poison in them. 

19. Taste the Future of Bingo at Hijingo 

And you thought bingo couldn't get any cooler. Anything is possible at Hijingo, where the beloved party game is tricked out on every level. Futuristic graphics, booming sound effects, and live performers combine to form a multisensory gaming experience with spectacular prizes. Win big and your next date might be an all-inclusive vacation. 

20. Enter a New Dimension at Gravity Max Wandsworth 

Old and new fun combine under the neon lights of Gravity Max Wandsworth. Thrilling go-kart races, heated mini-golf rounds, and blinking arcade games call forth nostalgic childhood memories — this time with a modern, hi-tech twist. Bring your special someone for some fond reminiscing over a cold drink, and let loose together with a game of AR bowling or digital darts. 

21. Take the Warner Bros. Studio Tour

Fires burn and cauldrons bubble on the enchanting Warner Bros. Studio Tour, where visitors glean a behind-the-scenes peek at the fantastical world of Harry Potter.

This spectacular journey brings you up close and personal with the stunning sets, props, and costumes that combine to form the internationally beloved wizarding world. For movie and book fanatics alike, this studio tour is a fabulous way to bond over a mutual interest — no broomsticks required. 

Photographer: Finn

22. Meet the Animals at the London Zoo

Animals hold a huge part of our hearts — that's why we've opted for talented puppeteers instead of live creatures in our shows. Cute and cuddly animal friends make every afternoon sweeter and every date a little more memorable. Bring your date to the London Zoo for an up-close view of nature's creatures in all their majesty.

With a warm coffee mug from the Peckish Parrot Café in one hand and your date's hand in the other, you'll find the zoo just as charming as you did in childhood, and maybe more. 

Unique Date Ideas in London 

For a date that strays from the beaten path, try these one-of-a-kind date spots. 

23. Sketch Figures in the Dark at Neon Naked 

Rave meets art studio at this colorful exploration of creativity. Neon Naked is a life drawing class lit by luminescent models dressed to the nines in fluorescent paint. For couples, this unique London date idea doesn't just spark the imagination; it also ignites a sense of creative intimacy you'll carry long after the class ends. 

24. Feel the Music at a Candlelight Concert 

A typical concert is spellbinding enough, but add a thousand candles, and you've really got something special up your sleeve. Candlelight Concerts are a must-visit for any music-loving couple looking to hear their favorite songs with a classical, warmly lit twist. 

25. Sample Cheese and Wine at Vagabond 

With the goal of creating a wine revolution, it's no surprise that Vagabond isn't your typical wine bar. This quirky date destination features an extensive drink list and delightfully educational experiences. Sign up for a Cheese + Wine Masterclass to sample a selection of sensual matches made in epicurean heaven. 

26. Sip Illicit Cocktails at the Moonshine Saloon

Thanks to the Moonshine Saloon, the Wild West has finally made its way to the United Kingdom. This quirky cocktail bar has a bring-your-own-booze policy and clandestinely mixes up an inventive array of cocktails. Mingle with local cowboys, try your hand at a card game, and get dressed up at the tailor for a wholly immersive experience. 

27. Crack a Case at The Murdér Express 

Do you prefer your meal with a side of shocking crimes? The Murdér Express serves up mystery and thrills alongside a stunning fine dining menu. Here, theatrical performers carry out the events while couples solve the case with their mouths full of gourmet fare. 

28. Toast to Togetherness at London Cocktail Week

If bonding over scrumptious sips of a cherished drink is your idea of a perfect date, London Cocktail Week is the event of the year. This fall celebration highlights the beauty of a perfect drink, showcasing beverage innovation for your shared pleasure. 

29. Grab Some Grub at Vinegar Yard 

Fresh air makes everything taste better, and Vinegar Yard's fare is already delectable to begin with. This eclectic fusion of food and drink vendors makes the perfect eatery for the lively neighborhood encircling it. Grab a bite, and traverse the streets filled with flea markets, classy boutiques, and fun public art installations. 

Photographer: Frans Ruiter

30. Get Sweet at a Chocolate-Making Class 

Chocolate's dynamic flavor makes it the king of all date foods. Make some with your partner to share at Melt, a bright, sugar-scented chocolatier's workshop featuring chef-led chocolate-making classes. Team up with your partner to mold a tray of perfect bonbons, or opt for a workshop revealing the powers of this irresistible treat. 

31. Get Spooked on a Historic Ghost Tour

Restless souls wearily haunt the streets of London after dark, unbeknownst to city passersby. Try to catch a glimpse of these tortured figures with a tour of the London Ghost Walk, an on-foot journey through London's paranormal hotspots. Even if you don't spot anything, the tour makes a good excuse for leaping into each other's arms. 

Sweep Your Partner off Their Feet With a Spectacular London Performance 

Turn any date night in London into an extraordinary adventure with a little help from us. Each of our otherworldly shows tests the limits of creativity, presenting audiences with a high-flying, heartwarming, thrill-chasing performance that will have you gripping your partner's hand for the sheer joy of it. Don't turn a blind eye to love.

Tie down your tickets to one of our shows in London.

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