Things to do in Denver

Date Ideas in Denver for Couples and Date Night Fun

Make unforgettable memories in a unique cityscape set against the Rocky Mountains’ enchanting backdrop with these date ideas in Denver as your guide.

Michigan’s first capital city, Denver is a blend of urban sophistication and resplendent natural beauty waiting to be explored. Bring these things to do in Denver to life. Dazzle your partner with artful adventures, outdoorsy escapades, and breathtaking shows.

Cultural Activities

If you and your significant other love expanding your minds together, there are myriad art districts, orchestras, and museums in Denver. Soak in the diversity as you stroll through the city’s cultural scene.

1. The Denver Art Museum

Interactive exhibits excite the senses at The Denver Art Museum, an immersive and modern experience. Impress your lover with your knowledge of global art — although you might struggle to brush up on all 70,000 paintings, prints, and sculptures!

Together, you'll discover notable works by Frida Kahlo, Bernhard Strigel, and Julie Buffalohead. Get lost in conversation about art’s ability to empower, transform, and engage. Even the buildings themselves are futuristic works of art.

Learn about the world you share as you browse the museum’s collection. Gain eye-opening insights into individuals and communities from different cultures. The act of taking a break from daily life and enjoying the moment as you share new ideas can bring you closer together.

Photographer: gregyounggreg

2. Denver Museum of Nature & Science

Is there life on Mars? Find out whether scientists know the answer at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, a varied museum with hidden treasures in every corner. Arrive hand-in-hand with your loved one and get ready for an experience that’s invigorating and soothing in equal measure.

Opened in 1908, the museum began as Edwin Carter's dream and a collection of 3,300 items of fauna from Colorado. Soon, it became a hub for scientific and archaeological research. Today, it’s the largest natural history museum between Chicago and the West Coast.

Come here to get blown away by an intergalactic spectacle at the planetarium, soak in knowledge at a temporary exhibition, and stand cheek-by-jowl with an allosaurus skeleton.

3. The RiNo Art District

River North, which everyone knows as RiNo, is a thriving art district and the epitome of Denver’s unique blend of “urban charm and industrial renewal.” This collection of grassroots nonprofit organizations is built on the belief that art has the power to connect, unite, and engage.

We think RiNo makes for the perfect date night destination in Denver. When people from different backgrounds bring their influences together, something out-of-this-world happens — and you can witness the sorcery first-hand here.

In RiNo, everything is street art soaked, including its galleries, artisan stores, fitness and wellness facilities, breweries, jazz bars, and restaurants with craft cocktails. Why not escape here for an entire day and romantic night with your sweetheart? Begin by choosing a quirky artisan gift, and then catch one of RiNo’s art walks or tours before finishing up with a tasty morsel.

4. Live Orchestras

If you and your other half have a song in your hearts and swoon at the enigmatic beauty of live music, Denver has an array of high-quality orchestral experiences awaiting your pleasure:

  • Mile High Freedom Bands: Established in 1984 as the Denver Gay and Lesbian Community Band, the Mile High Freedom Bands are committed to living up to their mission to make positive contributions to the LGBTQ+ community and allies through musical events and activities that engage, excite, educate, and entertain audiences while supporting performers of all abilities. Bring a date to see them for a spooky Halloween set, a reflective holiday serenade, or an all-out celebration of Pride Month.
  • Denver Philharmonic Orchestra: The Denver Philharmonic Orchestra has an enchanting history. Started by Dr. Antonia Brico, the first ever woman to conduct the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, it’s been around since 1948. It's dedicated to redefining its relationship with classical music and the community.
  • Denver Pops Orchestra: Denver Pops Orchestra was established in 1979 to fill a gap in the local landscape and celebrate music’s unparalleled ability to unify. They’ve played at a number of Denver date destinations, including the Denver Botanic Gardens, Avalon Ballroom, and the Denver Zoo.
  • Denver Rock Orchestra: If your partner loves the mastery and elegance of classical music combined with the raw emotion and edginess of rock, bring them to a show by the Denver Rock Orchestra. Woman-founded and owned, this ultra-modern ensemble puts on astounding shows. Past performances include Music From the Shrek Cinematic Universe and ‘90s Mixtape Madness.
Photographer: Travis Tallent

Leisure and Relaxation

Dates can be thrilling and energizing or tranquil and introspective. Try out these fun date ideas for a change of pace.

5. Spa Day

Nothing rejuvenates the body and mind quite like a luxurious Denver spa day for two, full of pampering, preening, and indulging. Show your appreciation by taking your date on one of these exquisite experiences:

  • Oakwell Beer Spa: Try something new at the contemporary wellness enclave Oakwell Beer Spa, where you follow up an herbal beer bath, an infrared sauna, and a zero-gravity massage with beer, cider, and/or wine tasting. Yum!
  • The Ritz-Carlton: We love splashing out on no-expense-spared, extravagances — and we bet you do, too. Looking to woo your boo with something extra special? A Ritz-Carlton spa day is an ode to opulence, with nature-inspired relaxation lounges, steam rooms, whirlpools, massages, facials, and body therapies to transport you and your other half into the realm of relaxation.
  • Glosshouz: Are you and your partner partial to supping on a smoothie or glass of champagne while getting pampered? You’ll love the super-modern Glosshouz and its full package of spa and beauty treatments.

6. Bookstores

If intellectual chatter is commonplace in your relationship and you love cozy nights cuddled up together with a book, a bookstore could be an ideal date spot. Take Denver’s Tattered Cover Bookstore, with sprawling shelves housing an eclectic collection of tomes. Its labyrinthine layout makes it a beguiling spot for a day of bookish discoveries and shared literary passions.

Then there’s the Mutiny Information Café. This spot exudes artsy, unconventional vibes — like our dynamic cast of acrobats, dancers, and artists. You’ll find books, zines, comics, coffee, and delightfully divergent vibes at this Baker neighborhood hub.

Photographer: John Michael Thomson

Outdoor Adventures

Colorado’s sweeping beauty is unmatched. Denver locals and visitors alike relish in exploring the great outdoors with their beloved.

Once you and your significant other are finished with your date and are looking for something else to do, why not check out some things to do with kids in Denver?

7. The Denver Botanic Gardens

Transcend into a world of fragrant blooms, aromatic herbs, and vibrant color at the Denver Botanic Gardens. Wander hand-in-hand through the science pyramid and gaze in wonder at the living plant collections as you traverse this little piece of paradise in the heart of the city.

Its conservation programs contribute to preserving and protecting our habitat for future generations. Bringing your date here is showing your love and commitment to the planet we live on — perfect if you’re both crusaders for social justice.

8. The Denver Zoo

Denver Zoo is a perfect date idea in Denver for couples looking to share unforgettable moments reveling in nature. Try one of the zoo’s special experiences, where you can look into a giraffe’s soulful eyes, feed them, and learn about their unique biology from an expert.

Or go on a tour of the zoo’s hospital, and see first-hand how specialist veterinarians care for such a diverse and expansive range of animals. You and your sweetheart might spot lions, penguins, tigers, bald eagles, rhinos, snakes, grizzly bears, and many more besides.

Denver Zoo oversees conservation efforts and scientific studies to understand our natural world and to learn to take care of it.

Photographer: Robby McCullough

9. The Red Rocks Amphitheater

Outside Denver, the red sandstone formations known as the Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater beckon you and your partner. Make the most of this natural wonder by going on hikes, doing yoga, and attending concerts, drive-in movie nights, and the Performer's Wall of Fame.

At 300 million years old, this is the most historic Denver date night location. Its seamless fusion of ancient and contemporary influences makes for a thrilling day and night out.

10. Washington Park

Make plenty of time to savor a day of serenity at Washington Park, with its tranquil, sprawling lakes, open grasslands, and tree-lined pathways. Rent a bike with your date and go on a journey of the 155-acre grounds, saunter through the flower gardens, or take a romantic boat ride and breathe in the fresh air together.

Embrace the park’s wholesome charm by packing a picnic and enjoying your favorite snacks and finger foods in the most beautiful setting.

11. Hiking in the Rockies

The Rockies are an expansive 415-square-mile mountain range. They encompass some of the world’s most amazing sheer slopes, meadows, and crystalline lakes. Bring your date here to get red-faced with exhilaration as you encounter spectacles of nature amidst the park’s 355 miles of hiking trails.

Take your love to new heights and let the panoramic views, scent of pine, and sense of accomplishment strengthen your bond.

Dining Experiences

Denver’s culinary landscape combines the freshest local produce with time-honored cooking methods and contemporary flavor combinations. All the best dates begin or end with a scrumptious meal.

12. Larimer Square

Larimer Square is home to rooftop restaurants in Denver and some of the most exquisite views you’ll ever witness. Steeped in history and vintage charm, it offers a diverse array of rooftop dining options, including Mexican restaurant Tamayo, sky-high beer garden Tap Fourteen, and stylish lounge 54thirty Rooftop.

Back on the street below, you and your love can enjoy a candlelit dinner on a pretty patio or delve into an eight-course tasting menu.

Photographer: Delaney Van

13. Brewery Tours

Denver is drowning in breweries and microbreweries, each with its own charm and fascinating backstory. Brewery tours are the right blend of educational and entertaining, making them an exceptional Denver date night idea.

If you believe in going big or going home, the Coors Brewery Tour is a must-see as the largest single-site brewery in the world. Some people call Denver the “Napa Valley of beer,” and the LoDo Craft Beer Tour will enlighten you and your date why that is. Here, you get to sample at least 10 tipples from DoTo’s best breweries and taprooms.

14. Cooking Classes

Whether your beau dreams of preparing sushi like a pro or fancies themselves as a master chocolatier, Denver has a cooking class to captivate them and get you in the good books. Try Sur La Table’s coveted cooking classes, with master chefs teaching French and Italian cooking techniques.

Or take your date to Stoic & Genuine, where you’ll learn how to prepare delicate fish dishes at the School of Fish (get it?), using a combination of classic and contemporary techniques.

Traditional Date Ideas

Sometimes, you just want to treat that special someone to an old-fashioned day out. Here are some wholesome, classic date ideas in Denver to capture your love’s heart.

If your date happens to be around spooky season, discover some of the most intense and heart-stopping Halloween events in Denver.

15. The Mayan Theatre

Get lost in the Mayan Theatre’s nostalgic charm on a classic movie date. This stunning movie palace showcases indie films, timeless classics, and eye-opening documentaries. Snuggle up together in the dark and get immersed in the story as it unfolds on the silver screen, just like people used to in simpler times.

16. Picnics

Picture a blissful picnic with Colorado’s extraordinary scenery as the stage and you and your loved one in the starring roles. Whether you head to City Park, Cheesman Park, or Washington Park, pack a gourmet basket and cozy blanket, and unwind together among the beauty of nature.

Photographer: Antoni Shkraba

Untraditional Date Ideas

Some people prefer to walk on the path less trodden to explore evocative, far-flung realms entirely at odds with their daily lives. Ring true? These Denver date night ideas are for you, champ.

17. Meow Wolf

Dance the night away at Meow Wolf’s latest interactive permanent installation — always a wonderland of color and fantasy. In one of their surreal dreamlands, you’ll see art come to life, and you and your partner can join in with the folly.

18. Nocturne

Shimmy down to Nocturne for a sophisticated night of jazz and delicious food at this unconventional date spot in Denver — the perfect place to head after one of our shows. Get immersed in the rhythms and indulge in culinary delights that you’ll be talking about for years to come.

Light the Fire in Your Heart in Denver

Escape into Denver’s romantic embrace, where nature’s allure sets the scene for memorable moments together. From immersive cultural jaunts to invigorating outdoor adventures, Denver’s date night ideas are practically endless.

Embrace ingenuity and creativity in our shows in Denver. We’ll take you to another world with a master-class blend of acrobatics and storytelling — an immersive experience carefully crafted to speak to our fan’s hearts.

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