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Date Ideas to Beat the February Blues 

What a thrill to be in love! Your heart does backflips! The butterflies in your stomach rival our aerialists’ acts! Love is meant to be celebrated all year round, but we still have a soft spot for Valentine’s Day date nights. Get ready to be swept off your feet!

How does dinner and a movie sound? Guessing it’s not as enticing as it used to be when it comes to a date night with your partner. Especially on Valentine’s Day, am I right?  

Changing things up is one of the keys to keeping your relationship healthy and interesting. Going out of your comfort zone and trying out new things can definitely help bring a wind of change and prevent routine from settling in. 

I’m a firm believer in the necessity of regular date nights and the following ideas can be sprinkled throughout the year. Just bookmark this page and come back to it when the time comes!  

Enjoy a Show Together 

The secret to a memorable date night? A memorable happening! A show is always a great way to spend time with each other and live out something special and spectacular.  

Find a Cirque du Soleil show near you that’ll make your hearts skip a beat right here.

Break up With Your Stress 

Have a spa day - Relax, unwind, and enjoy some selfcare… together! Whether you choose to make it happen at home, visit a spa near your house, or head out of town to enjoy your treatments, you’ll finish the day both grounded and relaxed.  

Plan a (romantic) Weekend Getaway 

Pack your bags, a bottle of Champagne and hit the road! Sometimes, a change of scenery is just what you two lovebirds need.  

Enjoy some entertainment on your quick getaway – use Club Cirque to find out where we’re performing near you and book a night away with a show!  

Take it Outside 

Photo by Kimberly Mears

Have a romantic outdoorsy picnic – grab some wine, bring finger food that’s on the fancier side and some sweet treats. All you have to do is to find a romantic spot in the park and lay down your blanket. 

Master a New Skill 

Learning together equates to bonding together! Try your hand a something you both never done before like ceramics, archery, or molecular cooking. If you’ve got the moves, let yourselves be inspired by Cirque’s amazing dancers and feel the rhythm at a dance class.  

Help each other out during the class and collaborate if you can but if you’re both terrible at it, laughs are sure to be heard profusely!  

Tour a Museum and Make Polaroids 

There’s something about a museum date that sets it apart from other plans. The wacky modern sculptures or the dinosaur bones on display might not get you in a lovey-dovey mood outright, but a delve into ancient artefacts and renaissance masterworks sounds like a successful outing to me.  

Soak it all in and commemorate your visit with artsy – or be silly, never be afraid of the ridicule – Polaroids of your own: Andy Warhol who?  

Get Your Buzz on 

Photo by Denise van der Heide

Book a lovely wine tasting for the two of you! If cocktails and spirits are more your style, attend a Scotch tasting or a mixology night. Microbreweries will also offer flights of their craft beers for those who prefer ales! 

Dance Like no One’s Watching

Build each other playlists with your most-liked tunes and have a dance party! If you’re not the most musically inclined, no worries, just put on the original soundtrack of your favorite Cirque du Soleil show on Spotify, Apple Music, or YouTube! Get the kids involved too, get everybody moving!