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Laugh out loud at the best comedy clubs in Miami, and discover the city's most hilarious hidden gems.

With its gorgeous beaches, lively food scene, and incredible cultural attractions, Miami is a beloved vacation destination for travelers from across the world. From the sprawling sands of Miami Beach to the wild murals of the Wynwood Walls, there's something for everyone.

If you're looking for things to do in Miami beyond the ordinary activities, why not check out a comedy club as a precursor to one of our Miami shows? The city's comedy scene is small but surprisingly diverse.

You'll find everything from classic stand-up to improv and sketch shows. Whether you're a longtime resident or in town for a few days of fun in the sun, these comedy clubs in Miami are a great place to hang out after dark.

Premier Comedy Clubs

Ask any serious enthusiast about the best comedy clubs in Miami, and they'll almost certainly mention one of these venues. That's no surprise, given that they're among the oldest and most respected clubs in the city.

Each one has a wildly different vibe; you might even detect a bit of rivalry between the diehard fans. Go ahead, and take sides!

1. Villain Theater

If you're a fan of Chicago-style improv comedy, you won't find a better spot in Miami than the Villain Theater. Drop by on improv nights, and you'll be rewarded with long-form shows with a not-so-subtle touch of cerebral humor — it's a slow build with a big payoff.

Do you prefer a hard-and-fast standup style? The Villain has that covered, too. If you're brave enough, you can even take the stage yourself during the theater's regular open mic comedy nights. Organizers guarantee "laughs and good vibes" — no offensive comedy allowed.

Founded by a Florida International University grad, the Villain Theater started as an under-the-radar Miami improv comedy club. The tiny black box theater has a cult following among Miami comedy fans, and we love its intimate vibe and welcoming community.

Go back for more than one show; you might even start to see familiar faces. Plus, if you've always wanted to try your hand at a joke or two, the theater also offers a full schedule of improv, scene work, and comedy writing classes.

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2. Just the Funny

Grab a drink before you take your seat at Just the Funny; the improv shows at this theater are heavy on audience participation, and they work best when everyone's feeling loose and relaxed.

It's a little intimidating at first, but calling out suggestions is a thrilling way to shape the show’s direction. If interactive comedy is your thing, DeathMatch! — a competition between two teams of improv comedians — is sure to have you howling.

Just the Funny has an unpolished, bare-bones feel but in the best possible way. This back-to-basics approach is why many locals will argue that it's the best comedy club in Miami. All three stages at this venue are tiny, perfect for interacting with performers, and the energy is always high.

Plus, the tickets are cheap; you'll be hard-pressed to find a more affordable evening out in Miami. If you fall in love with the experience, join the crew by taking one of the theater's comedy classes.

3. Comedy Inn

Comedy Inn is all about stand-up — unfiltered, uncensored, and decidedly not politically correct. Shows feature a lineup of local Miami comedians and touring acts, so you never know who will show up. The venue is unlike any other comedy club in Miami; it's located in a retro Quality Inn straight out of the '70s.

You can even book a room for the night. Choose the premium open bar ticket, and you'll be happy you did. Here's the bizarre part: You can't just stop in. Shows at the Comedy Inn are invitation-only, and they're not listed publicly. You'll need to get on the email list to find out who's playing.

This curious convention gives the shows a secret club vibe. It's no surprise that the audience is often packed with regulars. If you're still up for more after the show, why not check out more hidden gems in Miami?

Unique and Diverse Venues

In Miami, comedy isn't limited to traditional theaters and clubs. The comedy scene in Miami is still fairly new, so you can often find pop-up shows in unusual venues around the city. These performances tend to have a feeling that's less polished, more grassroots, and definitely offbeat.

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4. Yo Space

If you're more comfortable at an art opening than a comedy club, check out some Miami art galleries. Yo Space might be the perfect compromise. Comedy is a secondary offering at this creative collective — by day, it's an art gallery packed with artist studios.

The space, which is overflowing with wild and wonderful creations, is an attraction in itself. You might even catch a glimpse of an artist at work.

Located in Little Haiti, a few miles north of Miami's legendary Wynwood Walls, Yo Space hosts occasional comedy nights. Expect a mixed bag of styles and a youthful, artistic crowd that's straight out of a how to be a hipster handbook.

5. Gramps Bar

Don't expect mainstream comedy at Gramps — this Wynwood tiki bar is anything but conventional. The bar's stand-up nights are as quirky and unabashedly offbeat as the venue, and we love that!

And since the lineup tends to be relatively diverse, it's a great place to see comedians from all walks of life. Come as you are; this might be the most inclusive comedy club in all of Miami.

Gramps is a popular neighborhood hangout, so you'll need to arrive early to get a good spot if comedy night falls on a weekend.

Grab a slice from the Pizza Tropical window, play a round on one of the vintage video games, and settle in for killer people-watching. When it's not raining, check out the impossibly atmospheric outdoor courtyard area.

Comedy Clubs With Special Features

If you've ever had a night out in South Florida, you know it can be a whirlwind of bars and clubs. When you want to settle into a single location for the evening, check out these Miami comedy clubs — they have a complete food and drink menu so you can come for dinner and a show.

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6. Have-Nots Comedy,

The Have-Nots Comedy group, produces a series of live comedy events in greater Miami. You won't find any improv with this crew — it's all stand-up, all the time. Shows typically feature a nice blend of local Florida comedians and well-known touring comics.

If you're local to the area, make sure to check out multiple performances. Many comedians come back repeatedly, and it's fun to watch their sets develop over time. Currently, the Have-Nots host stand-up comedians at the Miami Improv Comedy Theatre and Dania Improv.

That's great news if the idea of crowd work leaves you in a cold sweat. Both venues are spacious, so it's easy to sit in the back and avoid becoming a target. Tickets are available online through each theater.

7. Miami Improv Comedy Theatre

Located in Doral, this venue is one of the most popular comedy clubs in the Miami area — and it's also one of our favorites. You'll see why as soon as you get inside; compared to other local clubs, it's enormous.

Choose a table, or, if you're with a group, cuddle up in one of the cozy U-shaped booths. Many audience members come for the food and generously sized drinks. Just make sure to get there early because seat selection is typically first come, first served.

Of all the local comedy clubs, this one has the most varied offerings. The calendar is packed with headliners you'll recognize from Comedy Central and Saturday Night Live.

Despite the Miami Improv's name, most of the shows feature stand-up comedians rather than improv artists. As one of Miami's most prominent comedy clubs, the Miami Improv Comedy Theatre usually offers performances four nights a week.

Specialized Comedy Nights

Here's what we love most about comedy in Miami: You never know where you'll find a show. Check out the comedy nights at these local bars. They might become your new favorite watering holes.

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You probably won't find any big-name comedians, but you'll definitely see some talented upstarts and a few old pros trying out their latest material.

8. Redbar - Comedy Night

At Redbar, you don't have to wait until the weekend for a few laughs. Unlike most of the comedy clubs in Miami, Florida, this retro-inspired spot brings in comics on Monday evenings.

Make the trek to Brickell a little early, and you'll have time for one of the bar's imaginative craft cocktails. Happy hour specials are served before every show, and you can buy a two-for-one wristband to save a few bucks.

Want to discover new comedians? Redbar Comedy Nights are populated almost exclusively by local stand-up comedians. The relaxed vibe is the perfect place to smooth the reentry into the work week.

You won't find a food menu, but plenty of restaurants are within walking distance. (We love the Colombian spot next door and the sushi bar across the street.) Redbar is also one of the only Miami comedy clubs close to a Metrorail station.

9. Sweet Caroline - Comedy Night

Who knew Brickell was such a comedy hotspot? Sweet Caroline is a karaoke bar most of the time, but occasionally, it hosts some of the funniest amateur comedians in the area.

Come for the cozy atmosphere and fun cocktails, and don't be surprised if you discover one of Miami's up-and-coming comedy stars. The sound system is impeccably designed — it's a karaoke spot, after all — so it's easy to hear the set from anywhere in the bar.

Don't let Sweet Caroline's location fool you. It might be located on the bottom level of an apartment building, but it's surprisingly cozy inside. Bring a date; the mood lighting makes everyone look amazing. When the night is over, the Brickell Metrorail station is right around the corner.

10. Tipsy Flamingo Comedy Night

Most bars in Miami close their doors on Sunday nights, but at the Tipsy Flamingo, things are just starting to heat up. This extremely photogenic cocktail bar hosts a regular comedy night to close out every weekend.

Dress to impress; the interior is awash in bold neon tones. You’re going to want to capture a few shots for social media before the show. The eye-popping decor alone is worth the visit. If you're staying in Miami Beach, this is the closest comedy club to your hotel.

The Tipsy Flamingo comedy nights are dominated by local stand-up comedians. However, you might spot a famous face or two among the performers.

This venue is tiny, so make sure to buy your tickets in advance to guarantee a spot. Buying online is also a good way to save some money, especially if you're planning to have a cocktail or two.

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Exploring Miami's Dynamic Comedy Landscape

Comedy clubs in Miami are always evolving — you never know when a new venue or a surprise stand-up night will pop up.

We love that the venues are scattered across the city, from the Comedy Inn in the south to the Villain Theater all the way up north. And with performances on both weeknights and weekends, it's always a great time to seek out the closest show.

Once you've explored the city's comedy landscape, check out one of our shows in Miami. Featuring exhilarating acrobatics and visuals that are straight out of a fantasy, each one is designed to leave you breathless.

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