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Comedy Clubs in Vancouver

The spirit of Vancouver’s comedy clubs is as resilient as a maple tree in a windstorm. Get ready to laugh.

In Vancouver’s comedy clubs, local talent thrives and visiting legends shock and thrill. The result is a dynamic exchange of wit. Stand-ups take aim at Raincouver’s unique quirks. Improv troupes spin audience suggestions into comedic yarns. Meanwhile, sketch comedy's mockery of daily life exposes our hilariously tragic flaws.

Beyond leaving you in stitches, the venues act as supportive communities. Aspiring comedians hone their skills at Vancouver’s open mic nights, while seasoned veterans mentor newcomers and pass down their wisdom. This collaborative ethos feeds into an ever-evolving landscape that brims with fresh perspectives.

When looking for things to do in Vancouver, leave room in your itinerary for an evening of belly laughs. There's nothing like the joy of unflinching laughter.

Established Comedy Clubs

It doesn’t matter if you’re a woke legend or think politics has no place in laughter. These clubs don’t discriminate; they just focus on quality.

Visit Vancouver’s well-established spots to see comedy history in the making. Whatever gets you laughing, there’s a night of the week that’ll have you rolling on the floor.

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1. Yuk Yuk's Vancouver

Yuk Yuk’s has been a champion of free speech and a sworn enemy of political correctness since 1976. You’ll find this outpost of the Canadian comedy institution tucked away in Hastings Racecourse. Inside, the atmosphere crackles with anticipation. Who will tonight’s act take shots at? No one is safe from a comedian’s watchful eye!

Local comedians mesmerize audiences by finding meaning in mundane tales of everyday life. Big names deliver unfiltered hilarity. In a single evening, you’re taken on a comedy rollercoaster as various performers bring their unique flavor of laughter to the stage. After a tough day of rehearsals, we love to stop by Yuk Yuk's to unwind.

2. Little Mountain Gallery

Risen from the ashes like a phoenix from the flames, Little Mountain Gallery is an emblem of Vancouver’s creative resilience. After a brief hiatus, it’s back and better than ever. Head over to LMG’s new home at 110 Water Street.

The spacious layout includes a downstairs comedy theater, a cozy upstairs room, and a vibrant lobby. This club is the type of place where comedy enthusiasts mingle in hidden corners and alcoves to share in the joy of laughter.

Expect the unexpected, from improv nights that keep you on the edge of your seat to quirky karaoke sessions hosted by “Weird Owl.” Yearning for a dose of laughter and a night filled with unforgettable moments? Look no further than Little Mountain Gallery. We love heading here for nights of merriment, camaraderie, and endlessly good vibes.

Comedy Nights at Bars and Venues

Vancouver’s comedy crowds are famously tough nuts to crack. But they’re still among the most welcoming. Each time a joke lands, you glimpse a different side of these usually laid-back and polite folks.

Rain City’s bars and venues host some of the world’s most thought-provoking and cutting-edge comedy nights. What are you waiting for? Shake off your umbrella and warm your cockles while laughing uncontrollably in one of these fine establishments.

3. New Moon Comedy

Step right up for New Moon Comedy every Thursday upstairs in The Projection Room at Fox Cabaret. Consider yourself a funny weirdo? Us, too. You’re guaranteed to find like-minded friends within this cute Main Street venue.

It’s perfect for anyone who craves a break from the whitewashed mainstream. Most performers are ladies, ethnic minorities, and LGBTQ+ guys, gals, and nonbinary pals.

What sets New Moon apart is its intimate and cozy approach, which lends itself perfectly to telling tall tales. With kitsch retro-inspired decor and vintage vibes, the venue exudes charm and nostalgia. Fox Cabaret downstairs is a swanky cocktail bar with live music throughout the week.

If you're searching for somewhere else to get a music fix, check out some live music bars in Vancouver.

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4. Underground Comedy Club

Venture into Underground Comedy Club, a laughter-laced lair for comedy connoisseurs. This speakeasy-style sanctuary features Canada's comedic elite and visiting top comedians from around the world. Many come to test out their latest routines, putting on low-cost WIP sets.

The vibes are classy and quaint, the crowds are friendly, and the laughs are ten a penny. Plus, they've got a killer drink selection to keep the fun flowing. And fear not, fellow foodies, Underground's menu of burgers, fries, and salads will fuel your fun.

Try it out. Your funny bone will thank you, and your taste buds might just give you a high five, too.

5. The Flamingo Room

Hungry for a side of Miami culture with your comedy? Pop over to The Flamingo Room. This hot spot promises thrills and limitless wonder. And how couldn't it, with sidesplitting sets from the likes of Nancy Ho and Arash Narchi?

Lush greenery and funky decor set the scene for an unforgettable night of laughter and a tropical escape. Between giggles, sip on a handcrafted El Jardin cocktail made with Havana Club rum, tropical fruits, and a hint of chili.

Soak it up with Miami-inspired treats, such as chorizo-stuffed huevos diablos or a Cubano sandwich. Come for the comedy. Stay for the good times and incredible drinks.

Improv and Sketch Comedy

Ever wonder what would happen if an angry plate of poutine collided with a vengeful pirate ship in outer space?

The best place to find out is an improv set. It's like live-action Mad Libs meets a fever dream, all spun into hilarious sketches and scenes improvised on the spot. There are no scripts or safety nets, just pure comedic alchemy created by Vancouver's brightest comedic talents.

Improv may be the jovial medicine you crave. Witness comedic genius unfold before your eyes. It's an adventure in laughter, a playground of cheekiness, and a night guaranteed to be anything but predictable.

6. The Improv Centre

Grace The Improv Centre with your presence and get rewarded with oodles of laid-back creativity and infectious laughter. A historic brick building on Granville Island sets the scene for performers and audience members to bounce off each other.

Show up and schmooze with a diverse group. Think students, theater lovers, and anyone who appreciates quick wit and off-the-cuff humor. The Improv Centre is a petri dish for local talent with a rotating cast of hilarious performers.

But look out. Huge names in improv, such as Colin Mochrie and Ryan Stiles, cut their teeth here. You could spot a comedy legend in the making. Seating is first come, first served, so snag a spot early to see the hilarity close-up.

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7. Instant Theatre

Instant Theatre has been a hub of the comedy community since 1994. It has a storied history as part of Vancouver's comedy scene. This inclusive spot serves as a safe space where performers and audience members can cut loose and embrace the folly of humor.

No two acts are alike, so you never know what to expect. One night, an energetic and fast-paced fireball of a comedian will leave you in awe. The next, a relatable, quirky character could have you in tears.

See yourself as a future improv impresario? Take a class at Instant Studios. It's a neat way to learn the improv basics and meet like-minded people. Who knows? Maybe you’ll have the Instant Theatre audience in hysterics one day.

8. The Fictionals Comedy Company

The Fictionals Comedy Company is an improv troupe known for its award-winning, anything-goes style. High-energy and out-of-this-world, just like our performers, The Fictionals thrives on pushing boundaries. Book a ticket, and prepare for a night of quick wit, off-the-wall humor, and plenty of audience interaction.

The actors perform every Tuesday at Cafe Du Soleil, Rio Theatre for Improv Against Humanity nights, and occasionally at Yuk Yuk’s Vancouver. The Fictionals collaborate with a wide range of kooky creatives, including burlesque dancers, comic book artists, and even professional wrestlers.

They love audience suggestions and unexpected twists — the zanier, the better. So, put on your audience participation hat and brace yourself for the wild ride of improv.

9. The Comedy Department: Improv Comedy Rumble

Secure your seat at The Comedy Department's Improv Comedy Rumble and witness Canada's wisecracking gladiators battle it out in a clash of wits. Each week, a litany of quick-fire jokes, razor-sharp humor, and utterly absurd scenes arise from the ether. It's like Whose Line Is It Anyway, but even funnier because you’re watching the action unfold.

At this venue, you decide the champ. Cheers, roars, and belly laughs are units of measurement that determine who takes home the coveted Improv Comedy Rumble crown. More than just an audience member, here you get to be the judge, jury, and the laugh track in this epic battle of satirical titans.

Alternative Comedy Venues

These aren’t your average comedy clubs. They’re playgrounds for comedic rebels who reject the mainstream. Get ready for musical numbers to erupt out of nowhere, see monologues morph into haunting social commentary, and experience laughter so unexpected it'll leave you questioning reality.

Leave your expectations at the door and embrace the weird. Vancouver's alternative comedy scene is an experimental paradise. You’ll have a front-row seat to the most delightfully absurd show in town.

10. Comedy After Dark

Comedy After Dark brings a touch of class to your comedy fix. Catch rising stars testing new material alongside established performers, such as Bradley Fung, Nicole Tanner, and Sean McDonnell. This upscale club has plush seating, handcrafted cocktails, and live, uncensored stand-up comedy routines.

Saunter in for an unforgettable date night or an evening with friends where laughter meets sophistication. Comedy and cuisine lovers, what are you waiting for? Dress to impress, browse the gourmet menu, and get comfy. You're in for a soul-nourishing night of comedic entertainment.

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11. China Cloud Studios

At China Cloud Studios, anything goes. This multifunctional space has been a breeding ground for Vancouver's alternative scene ever since the scene was born in the 1980s. Past performers include alternative icons, such as Marvin Manson and Shirley Gnome.

Forget punchlines and get acquainted with the bizarre. Here, you’ll find everything from dark humor and social commentary to multimedia madness and puppetry. It's weird and wacky. You might even leave with a story or two to tell. Pop in for a mix of experimental acts and open mic antics and experience audience participation chaos.

12. Yuk Yuk's Comedy Club Surrey

A staple on the Canadian comedy scene for over 20 years, Yuk Yuk's Comedy Club in Surrey has seen the likes of Howie Mandel, Amy Schumer, and Seth Rogen before they were household names. It’s all about big laughs and subverting expectations here.

Want to see big-name comedic talent like Ben Bankas and Julie Kim? Within 5 minutes of taking a seat at Yuk Yuk's, you'll be rolling in the aisles.

13. Chill Pill Comedy

Chill Pill Comedy is your antidote to over-the-top modern comedy clubs. This intimate comedy club opened its own brick-and-mortar location, Chill X Studios, in August 2023. It focuses on quirky, offbeat humor and has showcased the likes of Randee Neumeyer and Alain Williams.

Picture observational comics dissecting the everyday absurdities of Raincouver life and character pieces that make you think and laugh equally. If you're looking for a relaxed atmosphere and a good dose of the unexpected, Chill Pill Comedy is your spot.

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Get Your Giggle On at Comedy Clubs in Vancouver

There you have it. Your whirlwind tour of Vancouver's vibrant comedy scene has come to an end. From established institutions to alternative hideouts, there are loads of laughs to be had here.

It doesn’t matter if you crave mainstream hilarity or a dose of controversy. Vancouver's comedy clubs have you covered. Next time you're in need of a generous dose of laughter, get out there and immerse yourself.

Looking for entertainment that goes beyond Vancouver’s comedy club? Secure your seat today to witness mesmerizing shows featuring impossible pirouettes at our shows in Vancouver.

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