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Comedy Clubs in Orlando

Life is nothing without a little laughter. When you need a good chuckle, check out the top comedy clubs in Orlando.

With theme parks, automobile museums, indoor rock climbing, and space centers, there's no shortage of things to do in Orlando. But before you solidify your travel plans, consider feeding your silly side with a stop at one of the best comedy clubs in the city.

Premier Comedy Clubs

Start your joke-filled journey at these top-rated Orlando comedy clubs.

1. SAK Comedy Lab

If you daydream about being on a top comedy show or asking people if they want to make a deal, sign up for a few improv classes at SAK Comedy Lab, the place where the host-with-the-most Wayne Brady got his start.

SAK has been the first stop for some of the country’s best improv actors since it opened its doors in 1991. Alums have gone on to write, produce, and star in everything from The Office to Mad TV and Saturday Night Live.

It’s also a hot spot for audience members who love a good laugh. Get settled in one of the venue’s 250 seats and enjoy a mai tai while you check out the next superstar-to-be.

2. Funny Bone

Funny Bone is where every big name with a decent punchline stops while traipsing through Orlando. The club’s calendar is packed to the gills with reality stars, TikTok influencers, and career comics. Kaitlyn Bristowe, Charlie Berens, Rob Schneider, Jay Pharoah, and Craig Robinson are a few people who’ve made appearances.

Tickets include access to a robust menu that’s so much more than stale pretzels and liquor. Sweet tea-brined fried chicken with pickled jalapeño is nearly as spicy as some of the acts’ jokes. Snacks run the gamut from chilled shrimp and Bavarian pretzels to fancy burgers and funnel cakes.

The club is fairly close to our show Drawn to Life, which is exclusive to Disney Springs. Witness Walt Disney Animation masterpieces brought to life by our talented acrobats and choreographed to unforgettable Disney tunes. It’s the perfect follow-up act after your visit to Funny Bone.

3. Bonkerz Comedy Club

Get ready for a hilarious evening. Bonkerz Comedy Club has kept audiences laughing since 1984. But there isn’t a single venue playing host. There are over two dozen, including the Orlando outpost that regularly hosts comedians, magicians, hypnotists, and variety acts.

Mark Curry, Caroline Rhea, Catherine Maloney, Frank Caliendo, Helen Keaney, and Eliot Chang have all graced the stage. Sandwich those TV- and movie-credited players in between club and corporate comedians to see why Bonkerz has won Best Comedy Club awards more than a dozen times.

Don’t expect gourmet treats while you giggle in your seats. The menu here is a simple slate of pizza, fried goodies, and cocktails that come in 32-ounce buckets. Bottoms up!

Themed Comedy Experiences

Sometimes, half the fun of a comedy club is having no idea what you’re about to laugh at. If you’re interested in breaking away from the traditional stage setup, a themed comedy experience may be just the ticket (literally).

4. The Outta Control Magic Comedy Dinner Show

You’re invited for a meal and a show. The catch is you’re part of the cast, and you definitely won’t be getting a script beforehand. The Outta Control Magic Comedy Dinner Show is the longest show of its kind in Orlando.

Instead of waiting for a comedian to make you laugh, you’ll interact with hilarious magicians and comedians whose only goal is to crack you up. Of course, this is still a dinner show. You’ll need to find a way to balance the merriment with a menu of fresh salad, pepperoni pizza, and drinks.

Dessert is available, but we wouldn’t blame you for getting distracted by a puppet brawl or the spontaneous combustion of a book. All in all, it’s a vibrant, festive atmosphere where everyone gathers to eat, drink, and be silly.

5. Sleuths Mystery Dinner Shows

The stranger to your left has shifty eyes. Your own date has a penchant for mischief. But that doesn’t mean they’d commit a crime, does it? Even your orneriest pal can’t hold a candle to the would-be criminals posing as guests at Sleuths Mystery Dinner Shows.

The total experience is about 2 hours of whodunit fun. There are clues and a live interrogation, but it’s the improv comedy that will have you guessing. In between figuring out whether it was the professor in the library or something else, you’ll laugh until you cry—at least until dessert arrives.

University and Community-Based Clubs

Among all the celebrity hot spots in O-Town, you'll find comedy clubs that cater to community crowds and feature folks still learning the art of being funny.

6. Rollins Improv Players

Stand up, raise your right hand, and take the RIP pact required of all pranksters. It’s actually not an oath but more of a mission statement. The Rollins Improv Players are serious about getting laughs, and they do a brilliant job of showing audiences how extraordinary off-the-cuff comedy can be.

Every show starts with a theme. Then, guests throw out some keywords, and the actors build their show. The result is Whose Line Is It Anyway?-style skits that never turn out the same way twice. It’s all part of the Rollins College campus tradition of theatrical improvisation, and you don’t even have to be a student to get a front-row seat.

Improv and Sketch Comedy

You’ll never be more in the moment than when you attend a show at these improv and sketch-focused Orlando comedy clubs.

7. Mama's Comedy Show

Get ready to clutch your pearls because an evening at Mama’s Comedy Show isn't for the faint of heart. There’s nothing dangerous here (aside from some cutting wit), but the skits occasionally wander into R-rated territory.

That happens when a team of genius comedians gets the go-ahead to take an audience suggestion or theme word and run with it. The show has racked up oodles of five-star reviews that prove leaping into adults-only comedy can be side-splittingly fantastic.

If you skipped dinner or wind up laughing so hard you work up a late-night appetite, fear not! Mama’s shares space with Ten10 Brewing Company, which boasts an impressive array of quirkily named beers and snacks.

Comedy Bars and Nights

The city is full of comedy bars and featured act nights that are almost guaranteed to bring levity. Once you're laughed out, be the star of your own show at one of the many great bars for karaoke in Orlando.

8. The Other Bar

Open mic night at The Other Bar has been the place to be on Monday nights for almost a decade and a half. But a few hiccups threatened to put an end to the knee-slapping event for good. Lucky for us, comedy is more powerful than a pandemic and an ill-fated temporary relocation.

Monday nights are back on, with local favorite Jarri Knows driving the ship. There’s now an emphasis on bringing up career comics over fly-by-night jokesters who just want a minute or two in front of a crowded house.

That means more laughs, fewer awkward silences, and plenty of unexpected happenings, such as impromptu comedy competitions that have the entire room rolling.

9. Grumpy's Underground

Turn your frown upside down at Grumpy’s Underground. Variety is the spice of life here, with seasoned comics from all over Florida hitting the stage for open mic night on Mondays and more formal shows on Tuesdays.

When the venue hits the brakes on humor, the spotlight shifts to karaoke nights, festivals, and DJ battles. Live music lovers can snuggle into booth seats along the walls. Have a seat and tap your feet to the booming bass and thumping drums.

Grumpy’s typically keeps ticket fees low, if not free, which means you can enjoy the legendary vibes and stellar service without breaking the bank.

Restaurant and Bar Shows

Eat, drink, and be merry at these Orlando restaurants and bars with comedy shows of their own.

10. The Copper Rocket

Thanks to a bank of 25 high-definition TVs and a state-of-the-art kitchen that churns out good eats, The Copper Rocket seems like a top-tier sports bar. But look beyond the beer and jumbo grilled wings, and you'll find an events calendar designed to amplify amusement as often as possible.

Tuesdays and Thursdays are open mic nights, and on Wednesdays, the venue features karaoke. Other events, such as trivia contests and football parties, give you something to cheer about while chowing down on some tasty grub.

Starters are mostly classic. Think double-loaded nachos and beer-battered onion rings, with smoked fish dip thrown in for good measure. Burgers and sandwiches are easy to eat and set aside when it's time for a round of applause.

The venue also serves salads and wraps. But if it were up to us, we’d laugh at every gag and zinger with a mouthful of deep-fried Oreos.

11. Bull & Bush Pub

Raise a pint in honor of humor at Bull & Bush Pub, a classic pub that puts comedy showcases against the backdrop of tried-and-true British traditions. We’re talking foamy pints of Guinness, a cozy everyone-knows-your-name atmosphere, and crispy fish and chips.

A row of elevated dart boards, covered outdoor seating, and friendly bartenders add to the inviting atmosphere. You can come for the Scotch eggs and corn dogs and leave with your sides aching from hours of laughter.

Touring Shows and Events

Orlando’s thriving comedy scene could easily take up all your time, but try to leave room in your itinerary for these touring shows and special comedy events.

12. Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts

From small pub stages to supersized venues, at Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, touring comedians and comedy acts can play to over 2,700 people. That’s the seating capacity of the center’s Walt Disney Theater, a stunning expanse filled with cherry wood accents and primed for impressive acoustics.

But that’s just one place for comedians to play. There’s also the sprawling and majestic Steinmetz Hall that transforms on demand, the starry and art-filled Alexis & Jim Pugh Theater, and Judson’s Live, a more intimate listening room with the perfect atmosphere for jazz quartets and wine tastings.

Over the years, wisecrackers such as David Spade, Ali Siddiq, Jo Koy, Jeff Dye, Chris Tucker, and Eddie Izzard have made tour stops at Dr. Phillips Center. The venue also offers classes for aspiring comedians. One of the most popular is a comedy improv intensive put on in partnership with SAK Comedy Lab.

Unique Comedy Experiences

Stand-up comedy is fun, and open mics beautifully embody the unexpected. But if you’re looking for something different, these unique comedy experiences should be your next stop.

13. SAK Comedy Lab's Duel of Fools

Of course, a venue as fun as SAK Comedy Lab made our list twice. This time, it's showcasing improv by pitting two talented comics against each other in the Duel of Fools. The event takes place on Friday and Saturday nights at 7 p.m.

You might even be able to be a judge. Judges are selected from the audience right before the show begins. Audience members make suggestions that help shape the songs, characters, and scenes the competitors ultimately make up. This event is big on audience participation, so don't be surprised if you get pulled on stage.

This interactive environment isn’t for wallflowers or introverts. You may sit down with the goal of soaking up some jokes. But it’s just as likely you’ll wind up being an essential part of the antics about to unfold.

These nights are incredibly popular, so purchase tickets in advance. To buy tickets, go to SAK Comedy Lab's event calendar and select the date you want to attend. You'll be able to buy your tickets on the page that opens up.

Open Mic Nights

If you want to perform your own comedy on stage, check out these open mic nights. If you need a quiet place to dream up your act, take a stroll through one of the Orlando parks.

14. Austin's Coffee

If the cast of Friends had ever relocated to Orlando, they probably would’ve ended up hanging out at Austin’s Coffee—and that’s not just because the café has awesome couches.

There’s good energy here. Some of it comes from the gourmet coffee and tea served by the skilled baristas by the counter. Some of it has to do with the beer and wine that take the fun quotient up another level.

But a lot of that irresistible energy can be traced back to the people bringing live comedy to this community-beloved venue. Austin’s lineup is teeming with entertainment, and there’s something organized for every day of the week. That includes several open mic nights and a dedicated comedy showcase on Sundays.

If you're feeling funny, come by, sign up, enjoy an organic and fair-trade latte, and bring down the house with your best set yet. More interested in getting laughs than giving them? Opt for a glass of sustainable wine and let the good times roll.

15. The Nook on Robinson

Tasty drinks and tasteful art collide at The Nook on Robinson, a neighborhood bar with ambition. The drink list is hearty and creative. It features Florida craft beer, hard cider, wine, cocktails, coffee, and even kombucha for those health devotees who still want to sip on something special.

The Nook is a fairly small space with fairy lights strung from wall to wall and comfy chairs for customers. But there’s just enough room to host some comedy acts, including aspiring comics who need a place to peddle their puns on their way to the big time.

You might just discover the next A-lister while you enjoy a can of CBD sparkling water or a Sunshine City IPA.

Explore the Heartbeat of Orlando's Comedy Scene

From homey coffee houses to cavernous concert halls, Orlando comedy clubs are as varied as they are plentiful—but there’s no reason it has to stop when the last punchline drops.

Down the road, there’s a team of actors, magicians, and dreamers getting ready to demonstrate how wonderfully weird life can be. To immerse yourself in performances full of joy and folly, check out our shows in Orlando. Our performers can't wait to dazzle you with their high-flying antics.

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