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Experiencing Cirque du Soleil on the Other Side of the World

Several years ago, visiting Japan during cherry blossom season was on top of my travel bucket list. This year, I finally decided to make this dream a reality.

From the moment I set foot in Tokyo, I was amazed by the buzz and grandness of this metropolis. It’s an electrifying, eclectic, innovative and strangely welcoming city. I just knew I would leave this place a changed person.

My itinerary included six very important stops: Tokyo, Kyoto, Nagano, Nara, Osaka, and Mount Fuji. On my last evening in Tokyo, I had the great privilege of seeing Alegría. The legendary show was completely reimagined and put back on stage to mark its 25th anniversary. It was a memorable evening I got to experience with my better half and best friend.

The classic yellow and blue big top awaited

Surrounded by multicoloured tulips, it was both unreal and surreal. I was so grateful for the chance to watch Vincent Lavoie, a Quebec artist and friend performing on this iconic stage.

When we entered the big top, I noticed that it was very different from those in America. I was told it was created specifically to withstand earthquakes. Improved sound, a perfect view of the stage since there are no obstructions, and the additional 600 seats made me feel deep down like I was soon going to witness an indescribable experience. We were guided to our seats in the front row and... WOW!

Let the show begin…

Two hours of pure fun!

Cirque du Soleil redefines and pushes the creative limits of the traditional circus. It’s an indescribable experience and impossible to look away from the stage. It’s pure magic!

The artists gave breathtaking performances, bold and impressive acrobatics filled with feats of strength and agility, while blending theatrics, stunning costumes and an enchanting soundtrack. I grew up listening to Alegría, and to hear it here was just… captivating!

From the contortionist to the fire-knife dancer, along with a duet of totally fabulous trapeze artists, the acrobats once again made my heart skip a few beats. I was also impressed by each of the hoop dancer’s performances. M. Fleur and the Pablos put me under their spell, and I was also touched by their zany, but passionate relationship. I loved the two singers who gave the audience an exceptional performance.

Alegría is funny, moving and grandiose

In short, it’s a must-see EXPERIENCE!

After the show, we had the opportunity to go backstage, where met some of the artists, talked to the Costume Makers, and explored the site to better understand the reality of these exceptional performers and artisans.

Let yourself be whisked away to the magical world of Cirque du Soleil. You will create lasting memories and get the feeling of witnessing a larger-than-life artistic performance.

The Alegría show will stay in Japan until October 2023 before heading to Spain. Don’t miss your chance to check it out if you’re in the area.

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