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Cirque du Sound is a sonic trip exploring creativity itself.

What do an entomologist, a screenwriter and an astrophysicist have in common? They all made the most of their unique creativity to become experts in their respective fields!

For decades, you’ve witnessed the boundless creativity, innovation, and imagination of Cirque du Soleil on stages across the world. Now, the creators behind Cirque are taking you on a new kind of journey through the theater of the mind.

Cirque du Sound is a sonic trip from the outer edges of the universe to the inner folds of humanity. Hosted by renowned director and Cirque du Soleil Creative Guide, Michel Laprise, Cirque du Sound immerses you in a series of profound dialogues with modern visionaries in art, science, nature, philosophy, and everyday wonder.

Watch an exclusive sneak peek now:

With each episode linking back to a central theme found in popular Cirque du Soleil shows, Cirque du Sound broadens your definition of creativity through a unique 'cirque-oscopic' point of view. Listen in and open your mind for 12 utterly unique episodes of the Cirque du Sound podcast.

Cirque du Sound will be available, starting September 28th, 2023, on Apple Music, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.

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