Cirque du Sound

Cirque du Sound, Episode 4

Episode 4: Full Immersion, with director Félix Lajeunesse

In a world that feels like it's evolving faster than we can comprehend, what does it mean to be “present” and “immersed”? Félix Lajeunesse's journey into the world of immersive storytelling began when he and collaborator Paul Raphael founded Felix & Paul Studios, a Montreal-based creative studio. The duo embarked on a mission to harness technology to create emotionally resonant narratives that would transport audiences into new dimensions of storytelling.

Listen in as Félix joins Michel Laprise for a fascinating conversation about the evolution of Virtual Reality Cinema, the elegance and surrealism of the Cirque du Soleil show "O", and Félix's philosophy on presence, immersion, and creativity.

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