Life is a Circus

Cirque du Soleil Underground

The long history of Cirque and DJ culture.​

Cirque du Soleil’s Guy Laliberté has done many things besides starting the company and acting as its guide for many years. Perhaps, the least surprising thing to those who know him is his recent role as a DJ. Over the last few years, Laliberté has been playing the DJ trade at parties and nightclubs the world over. Given Cirque’s long association with DJ culture and night life, this is no surprise. 

In addition to creating and producing live shows, Cirque du Soleil has long been active in the club and party worlds, producing parties and VIP events, mainly through its long-standing events division. Working with brand partners and associates in immersive technology, Cirque du Soleil has created unforgettable events and happenings. While its live shows are celebrated for the performances of live musicians, these club and party events always feature DJs. 

Cirque has a roster of DJs from Montreal, including Musical Director Alain Vinet and longtime friends such as DJ Stephane Cocke. Their sets and mixes can be found with a quick internet search. Like Cirque music in general, these sets feature an international blend of beats and flavors, helping create unforgettable environments. 

Indeed, DJing is such an intrinsic part of Cirque culture that it has actually been incorporated into MUV, the company’s show in Andorra. 

Today, Cirque often collaborates with internationally celebrated DJs such as Moby, who played a set at the closing party for the inaugural C2 festival, co-created by Cirque du Soleil. 

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