Cirque du Soleil Sticks the Landing on Roblox!

Head on over to the multiverse for a Cirque du Soleil immersive gaming experience!

Stretch out your fingers and get your devices charged for Cirque du Soleil Tycoon. We’re launching a brand-new free immersive experience, available exclusively in the world of Roblox!

Dare to take on interactive challenges and try your hand at exciting quests as you build and manage your very own show under the Big Top. Assume the role of company manager and lead your circus to success. You will hire acrobats, crew members and on-site workers to provide your guests with a live-entertainment experience like they’ve never seen before. Progress in-game to uncover the secrets behind the brand-new show, ECHO, and work towards building the fully-fledged circus of your dreams.

In for a thrill? Watch acrobatic performances as your circus grows, and your cast expands. Familiarize yourself with the world of Cirque’s performers and discover their various acts, each more impressive than the precedent. From the entrance gates to the backstage area, where you can train with acrobats, you’re in charge of everything!

With an array of brand-new exclusive items, you can deck out your avatar with unique virtual pieces of clothing and accessories, all inspired by the real costumes from ECHO. Come up with crazy outfits, show the world your #Cirquecore style and unleash your imagination in true Cirque du Soleil fashion!

Join us online and be part of the incredible Cirque community on Roblox, where extraordinary adventures through the world of Cirque du Soleil await you! 


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