I Built an Entire Circus With My Children… on Roblox!

Try the first-ever immersive experience from Cirque du Soleil, Cirque du Soleil Tycoon, now available on Roblox!

If you have school-aged children, you have certainly heard all about Roblox. I have two of my own, aged eight and ten, and they love this app. As a content creator in the world of video games, I had no choice but to test it out for myself to understand the phenomenon and discover the various experiences offered on the platform. As a result, I was often able to play with my children and have a blast as a family!

Guaranteed Fun for the Whole Family

Cirque du Soleil Tycoon is an immersive experience where you can build and manage your very own show under the Big Top. It includes interactive challenges and mini-games, characters from the show you can discover and explore behind the scenes of Cirque du Soleil ECHO. Watch acrobatic performances, dress up your avatar with unique virtual items inspired by real ECHO costumes, and unleash your imagination in true Cirque du Soleil fashion!

Come be part of the Cirque du Soleil community on Roblox, where extraordinary adventures await.

Discovering a Colorful Universe

As soon as we entered the experience, we knew that what we were about to create was going to be completely wild.

The amount of exclusive items and custom visual elements make Cirque du Soleil Tycoon stand out from other experiences offered on Roblox. It shows incomparable attention to detail, a signature of Cirque creations. Having played several experiences of the same type on Roblox, I sometimes get the impression that it’s redundant. Fortunately, Cirque du Soleil Tycoon is a breath of fresh air on the platform.

I greatly appreciated the developers’ creativity that helped them design a unique and enchanting world! My children loved every step of creating the ECHO show while also being able to discover the behind-the-scenes secrets. It’s surprising to know that so many people are involved in organizing a Cirque du Soleil show. In fact, in-game, you need to hire employees to fill the same positions as those occupied by staff, artists, and technicians who provide unforgettable moments for spectators under the Big Top. It creates wonderful family discussions about the circus world and live show. That’s what I love most when I get involved in children’s new interests: there’s always a way to make it a fulfilling experience all around.

My kids enjoyed being able to watch the show, which is presented on stage once the Big Top is complete, and it made them want to attend a live performance in Montreal! Tell your children about Cirque du Soleil Tycoon, they can add the new game to their Roblox library and have fun for hours.

To Learn More About Roblox

Roblox is a free and multiplayer online immersive experience platform for children and teenagers. It’s a sandbox-like application that allows anyone with access to a computer to program an experience themselves and share it with players around the world.

The platform includes many types of experiences, as well as popular video games, such as obstacle courses (obbys), tycoons (simulations), shooting games, escape games, and several others. Any player can enjoy their favorite type of experience.

Users control their own avatar when visiting the experience. They can change their appearance by buying a variety of items like hats, clothes, or even faces. They can purchase these objects with Robux, the virtual currency used on Roblox.

The Roblox and Cirque du Soleil Tycoon worlds are accessible on PC, Xbox, tablets, and mobile phones!

To learn more about ECHO

The latest creation of Cirque du Soleil ECHO under the Big Top premiered in Montreal in April of 2023. The show is now on its North American tour, in Washington, D.C. followed by Atlanta, GA.

Get your tickets by clicking here.

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