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Best Restaurants in Gran Canaria

A culinary adventure awaits in Gran Canaria. Traditional cuisine and international influences combine to create mouth-watering feasts.

One of the most exciting parts of any international vacation is sampling local cuisine. In Gran Canaria, the cuisine reflects its history of global influences and offers some of the best flavors.

If you need to refuel between the myriad things to do in Gran Canaria, all sorts of fantastic restaurants await. Each is ready to win you over with attentive service and memorable dining experiences. This island welcomes foodies and their discerning palates with open arms.

Join us on a journey through the best restaurants in Gran Canaria, from one end of the island to the other.

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Many of Gran Canaria's most popular restaurants are in Las Palmas. Here are a few of our favorites.

1. Qué Leche

Your culinary journey in Gran Canaria begins with Qué Leche, a restaurant that offers far more than a meal. The food is phenomenal, showcasing fresh fusion cuisine that takes Mexican and Asian-inspired dishes, and then blends them with local ingredients.

From fresh scallops topped with miso and tobiko to steak tartare with cassava chips, you’ll find a wide array of innovative flavor combinations. Although the restaurant is known for its food, there’s a lot more to Qué Leche than dining.

Here, you can get hands-on experience behind the scenes of a kitchen known for its creativity. On Sundays and Mondays, groups of four or fewer can sign up to cultivate recipes that are sure to please. After all, anyone can cook with the right teacher, and here, you’ll learn from the best.

2. Poemas by Hermanos Padrón

Run, don’t walk, to reserve a spot at the exclusive Poemas by Hermanos Padrón. This restaurant has painstakingly earned its Michelin Star, and you’ll see why as soon as you set foot inside. Its luxurious, elegant interior beckons with pristine tables and comfortable chairs.

The food takes its presentation to a new level, and tasting menus present several courses and wine pairings. Rather than seeking to create local favorites using traditional Canarian cuisine, this restaurant pushes culinary limits and embraces avant-garde techniques to create an impossible-to-replicate gastronomic experience.

3. Restaurante Casa Montesdeoca

Enter the historic heart of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, where Restaurante Casa Montesdeoca awaits.

The restaurant’s story started long before its opening, beginning with Chef Gustavo Carrasco’s ancestors, who tended to agriculture and livestock across Gran Canaria. As the dishes of the previous generations were honed over time, they were eventually passed on to him.

He’s taken those recipes and expanded on them, creating a fantastic gastronomic adventure. Here, culinary innovation drives Canarian traditional dishes forward. Nibble on Canarian cheeses while you wait for a menu of fresh fish and local meats.

When the food arrives at your table, it’ll almost look too good to eat. At this restaurant, presentation is just as important as the tradition and flavors. Take your picture and tuck in for some of the best food you'll find in the Canary Islands.

Agaete Valley

The culinary journey continues into Agaete, a coastal municipality surrounded by lush forests and botanic gardens. If your date ideas in Gran Canaria take you into the Agaete area, you don’t want to miss these restaurants.

4. Casa Romántica

Sometimes, you want to dig into a more informal meal in a relaxed environment. That’s what you get at Casa Romántica, where picturesque settings elevate the whole experience. Choose from local Canarian cuisine favorites featuring seasonal fish, rabbit, partridge, and other tantalizingly delicious main dishes.

If you’re unsure where to start, opt for a tasting menu. That way, you get a little bit of everything. This restaurant focuses on local ingredients, and the shorter the distance they travel to reach your plate, the better.

5. La Quisquilla de Agaete

If you’re in the mood for Mediterranean and Spanish cuisines with local culinary traditions thrown into the mix, head to La Quisquilla de Agaete. It has appetizers to please every palate, from grilled chicken wings to stuffed mushrooms and daily special homemade croquettes. Beyond that, fish, steaks, paella, and more await.

It’s a particularly good restaurant if you’re exploring Gran Canaria with a family. The children’s menu offers familiar dishes, such as burgers, for less adventurous eaters. The entire ambiance exudes island vacation, with a beautifully cultivated outdoor deck for alfresco dining.

Strands of warm lights hang over crisp umbrellas and comfortable outdoor furniture for a relaxed dinner or drinks with friends.

6. El Capitán

It’s no surprise that El Capitán serves fresh Atlantic seafood in an island setting. The dining room is right on the shore, with panoramic windows providing scenic beach views. If you prefer the fresh sea breeze with your meal, dine on the terrace. These seats are prime real estate during the warmer months.

With a truly extensive menu with a bit of everything, everyone in your group should find something to savor. Salads, burgers, egg dishes, spaghetti, and pizza line the menu alongside a vast selection of more traditional dishes featuring the fresh fish it's known for.

7. Casa Lolo

You can’t go wrong with grilled meat and fish, and that’s what you get from Casa Lolo. It’s easy to miss this hidden gem if you don’t know what you’re looking for. The restaurant is tucked away behind a lush curtain of greenery off the side of the street.

As you approach the historic building, the scent of mouth-wateringly delicious food fills the air. The menu primarily consists of Canarian cuisine and recipes featuring grilled and fried meats, but the salads are exquisite. If you’re looking to dine like a local instead of visiting a Michelin-starred restaurant, Casa Lolo is where you want to go.

El Carrizal, Municipality of Ingenio

El Carrizal sits in the central highlands of Gran Canaria. At one time, it was known for its woven cane roofs, but now, you’re more likely to find basket weavers among the imposing mountain landscapes. While you’re here, you’ll find some phenomenal grilled meats just waiting to be discovered.

8. Asador Las Lilas Carrizal

After all that hiking and exploring you’ve done through Gran Canaria’s vast wilderness, you deserve to indulge in delicious food at Asador Las Lilas Carrizal. Here, you feast on phenomenal dishes featuring fresh meats and fish alongside savory sides, such as au gratin potatoes. It’s a local favorite when you want a meat-based meal.


The historic town center of Arucas attracts tourists interested in the stunning architecture. If you're feeling peckish after exploring all the things to do in Gran Canaria, stop by this restaurant.

9. Casa Brito

At Casa Brito, you get delectable, melt-in-your-mouth meats and high-quality service to match. Settle into your seat in a rustic dining room, enjoy the open grill show, and prepare to feast on some of the best eats on the island.

The restaurant’s specialties include grilled beef from Germany, Uruguay, and Spain. Here, you can choose the origin of the meat you want, decide how you want it served, and pick the sides you want to accompany it. Grilled vegetables and roasted potatoes are popular choices. If you’d rather skip the meat, browse the small vegetarian and fish menus.

South of Gran Canaria (Puerto de Mogán)

In Puerto de Mogán, you’ll find a quiet beach that’s perfect for a quick break from the hustle and bustle of larger cities. You’ll also discover top-notch dining if you know where to look.

10. Los Guayres

Chef Alexis Álvarez brings his culinary excellence to his Hotel Cordial Mogán Playa establishment. At Los Guayres, he combines his traditional cuisine with international fusion techniques to create innovative new twists on local favorites.

The menu draws heavily from local ingredients, such as goat and grouper fresh from the Atlantic. Chef Álvarez is a genius in the kitchen, and he proves it with every bite you take.

Book a table in advance, and prepare for a robust tasting menu paired with the perfect wines to complement the dishes. Each tasting menu comes with several courses, giving you a chance to try a little bit of everything the restaurant has to offer.

Other Great Restaurants From Around the Island

Gran Canaria is too vast to limit to just a handful of districts, and good food can be found wherever you travel. Bars in Gran Canaria can be found just as easily. These restaurants offer fresh food and breathtaking views. Bring your appetite and good company, and you’ll find culinary experiences unlike any other.

11. Bar Playa

Venture southwest in Gran Canaria to find yourself in the small fishing village of El Pajar, where Bar Playa feeds people all day long. After a day of relaxing at the beach, head on over and get in line.

There’s usually a wait to get seats, but that’s a sign of a thriving restaurant. Dig into fresh Canarian seafood dishes, such as fried giant squid, octopus, and shrimp. You really can’t go wrong with any of the options here.

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12. Restaurante La Aquarela

The location of Restaurante La Aquarela is a bit deceiving. It’s built within an apartment complex overlooking the Playa de Patalavaca. However, thanks to its romantic tables and amazing food, it quickly made a name for itself in the fine dining scene on the island.

We love to sit near the pool at sunset and enjoy the stunning views. Most of the menu involves locally sourced dishes, divided into three categories of tasting menus. Local meats, such as Canarian beef and quail sourced from La Palma, help keep every dish as fresh as possible.

The entire gastronomic experience takes your taste buds on a three-hour expedition into the best culinary creations. Choose from meat, fish, or vegetarian menus paired with complimentary wines chosen specifically for each course.

13. Restaurante Las Brasas

After exploring everything Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria has to offer, follow the smell of grilled meat to Restaurante Las Brasas. You can’t miss its massive red sign and tables on the patio. The menu features international cuisine alongside Canarian dishes, and everything on offer makes for delicious meals.

The steak selection is by far its largest, but you’ll find all sorts of other options, such as flambéed beef stroganoff and an extensive fish selection. If it’s a little hot for grilled meat, pick from some of the cold entrées, such as homemade foie gras served with a mango and apricot compote or red tuna tartare.

14. Grill Costa Mar

Stop by Grill Costa Mar for spectacular views and fresh, succulent seafood. The friendly atmosphere and attentive staff add to the vacation-worthy experience.

If you’re looking for Spanish cuisine, try the Mallorcan-style paella. For a more adventurous dish, dive into tuna tartare. We're always amazed by the generous portions and flavorful dishes.

15. Restaurante La Marinera

Restaurante La Marinera takes full advantage of its seafront location on Canteras Beach, offering rich fish dishes in its three dining rooms and terrace. No matter where you sit, you see the ocean nearby. This fusion restaurant combines classic Canarian cuisine with influences from Uruguay and Argentina.

Each day, fishers pull into the nearby dock with their latest catch. From there, the expert chefs craft delicious dishes that are sure to please, such as tuna tacos and fresh seafood paella. Be sure to reserve a seat in advance because this restaurant sees a steady stream of traffic.

16. La Oliva Restaurante

Whether you want tapas and wine or a full-fledged meal, you’ll get it at La Oliva Restaurante, a staple in the Las Canteras area. This family-owned restaurant emphasizes the taste of home-cooked cuisine, drawing from traditional recipes while giving them a modern twist.

The grilled smoked cheese, for example, comes with a Canarian red mojo sauce and uses Canarian cheeses compared to the more traditional cheddar. Fish and seafood fill the menu, but you’ll find Spanish favorites, such as txogitxu and paella, served alongside Canarian boiled potatoes and bread.

We recommend leaving some room for dessert. This restaurant elevates the experience with homemade pies, crème caramel, and cheesecake.

Savoring Gran Canaria’s Culinary Landscape: A Tapestry of Flavors From Mountain to Sea

Gran Canaria’s vast culinary landscape seamlessly blends flavors from international influences into dishes that are uniquely its own. The dishes you find here are as extraordinary as the Canary Islands’ natural splendor.

Between savoring these morsels, don’t forget to swing by and see us while we’re in town. Our shows in Gran Canaria are every bit as unforgettable as the cuisine. We seamlessly blend acrobatics, gymnastics, artistry, and storytelling into one grand spectacle just for you.

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