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Discover the Best Playgrounds Across Sydney

Hop, skip, and jump to the best playgrounds across Sydney with your kids.

There are tons of things to do in Sydney for tourists and locals alike. But if you're visiting the city with children, you may need to find a place for them to let off some steam between museum and gallery visits.

Fortunately, the city is ripe with excellent playgrounds and parks of all kinds. We've compiled a list of the best playgrounds in Sydney for you and your family to explore.

Outdoor Adventure Playgrounds

Looking for family-friendly things to do that don't involve being indoors? Catch some sunshine, and check out some of Sydney's best outdoor adventures.

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1. Blaxland Riverside Park

Explore and play your way through Blaxland Riverside Park, which spans 3 hectares and brims with play equipment. Your children will jump for joy and burn energy under the sun.

The whole playground was designed as a fun haven for children. Watch as your kids scale a multilevel treehouse or take a zip line ride down the double-flying fox. Tunnel slides, a scramble wall, and a gigantic swing set keep kids begging to come back.

Maybe that's not enough to keep the littlest members of your family entertained. But, the largest outdoor water play area in the city also sits on the property. It's open year-round and poses the perfect opportunity to refresh and cool down after all the running and climbing.

2. Darling Quarter Playground (Tumbalong Park Playground)

Also known as the Tumbalong Park Playground, Darling Quarter Playground, not far from Darling Harbour, brings fun to the heart of the city. It has plenty to keep your kids active and engaged all day long.

Watch your children become little acrobats as they dare to cross and climb the webbed nets or soar down the nearly 70-foot flying fox. Children of all ages delight in the water play area, splashing to their hearts' content in the fountains and wading pool.

With pumps, buckets, water screws, and giant pumps to play with, children can transform play into a science experiment. Just be aware you'll likely get wet during your time here. Dress accordingly and pack some towels, even if you don't intend to get in the water.

3. Domain Creek Playground at Parramatta Park

Visit Parramatta Park to picnic and play in style at Domain Creek Playground. You get to enjoy the sun and natural bushland setting. Your children, on the other hand, will love the enticing park equipment. Tap into their natural curiosity, and urge them to explore their surroundings for a day of learning and moving.

Does your kiddo like to dig and build? They can play with the sand diggers. Are they more interested in playing in the water? Let them splash and spray as they play with the water pumps.

Your children will love the accessible flying fox with handles and the explorer dome. Another beloved feature is the sunken trampolines built into the soft flooring. These let children bounce and leap like our performers.

Nature-Inspired Playgrounds

Does family-friendly fun mean visiting playgrounds for kids in nature-inspired settings? We got you.

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4. Fagan Park

Two playgrounds are nestled within the 55 hectares of picturesque, themed gardens and walking trails in Fagan Park. It's the perfect setting for a Sydney walk through nature. After your nature walks, take a breather while your children embark on fantastical adventures. They can create their own excitement on the playground equipment.

Near the Arcadia Road car park, you'll find a playground with bright colors and geometric patterns. These weave together to craft a dreamy setting your kids will love. The only limit for play here is your child's imagination.

You'll discover a smaller, more naturalistic playground within the tall grasses and trees near the Carrs Road entry. Here, children can get down and dirty, balancing over big logs and conquering wooden climbing structures.

5. Bicentennial Park

Delight your children at Bicentennial Park with two exciting playgrounds. Each has its own unique personality. The Village Green playground appeals to children and teenagers. It features curved monkey bars, a twist climber, and a wobble walk to let your child test their balance.

You'll find a second play area near the Concord West picnic area. The exquisite landscaping meshes playground equipment and sandstone boulders. Trails weave between the trees.

Towering climbing nets encourage exploration. Kids who make it to the top are treated to a stellar view of this Sydney park's greenery in all its glory.

6. Wulaba Park

Adventures come to life at Wulaba Park. The play area was local Sydney artist Nuha Saad's canvas, and it shows in the vivid colors splashed everywhere. The park features massive climbing equipment, swirling slides, and climbing nets. This provides plenty of places for children to jump, run, and explore their surroundings.

The star of this beautiful playground is its massive climbing structure. Children embark on a nearly three-story climb amid the rainbow safety guards adorning the frame. When they reach the top, they can careen down a curving tube slide.

Surrounding the structure, abundant grass and trees encourage cartwheels and fun games of tag. Sustainability is the name of the game here. The playground incorporates recycled materials into bricks and gravel, while its extensive landscaping focuses on native plant life with lower water requirements.

7. Steel Park

At Steel Park, you'll find a bit of everything to keep little members of your family engaged. They can splash and play in the water playground during the summer months or climb the playground structure during the off-season.

The real draw of this park is its water play area. It was designed to be eco-friendly by collecting rainwater from a local sports center and recycling it through a spiral stream. Trees offer plenty of natural shade for an impromptu picnic, even if the designated tables are filled. (They often are at such a popular park.)

Just behind the play structure, feast your eyes on stunning views of Cooks River, or hop on the biking trail for a new adventure.

Inclusive Playgrounds

We're thrilled to see inclusive playgrounds in the Sydney area. Every child deserves an inclusive play environment, regardless of ability. These parks have accessible swings and carousels, wheelchair-accessible wide paths, and more.

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8. Livvi's Place

Livvi's Place sits in Yamble Reserve, about a 20-minute drive from Sydney. This sprawling nature reserve is filled with shady trees and gardens. At Livvi's Place, children of all abilities can come together for a day of fun and excitement. You'll even find accessible toilets, ensuring everyone can feel like they belong.

Adventurous children can climb aboard a large rope roundabout and spin as quickly or slowly as they want. A bird's nest swing offers the perfect way to lay back and soar through the air.

A massive double-flying fox zips through the air, and one has a complete harness for accessibility. The musical play area is a fan favorite! Children who need a break from the action and stimulation can relax in an area loaded with pole art and animal sculptures.

9. Pirrama Park

Pirrama Park lets children live their best lives. Here, they can enjoy extensive playground equipment all day in an idyllic harborside location. Kids can make sandcastles under big beach umbrellas in the sandpit or climb the tangle of nets for a little extra excitement.

Across from the playground, parents can grab a quick pick-me-up at a café. The park features all sorts of accessible picnic areas and public barbecues if you prefer to bring your own meal.

The park has wide, flat sidewalks, making it suitable for large strollers or wheelchairs. What's more, the spinning carousel has seats and handrails, welcoming children of all abilities to get in on the action.

Beachside Playgrounds

There's something extra special about climbing playground equipment to catch a glimpse of the beach. With climbing frames, bike tracks, and beach access, these parks are perfect picks when you're looking for things to do in Sydney with kids.

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10. Clontarf Reserve

At Clontarf Reserve, the beach is just a stone's throw away. It's even netted off to keep larger wildlife out of the swimming space. If you time your visit right, you might even catch a refreshment boat pulling up to the shore to sell ice cream.

The playground underwent a complete overhaul in December 2021, and the entire park embraces the oceanfront vibes with an aquatic-themed playground. Children can weave their way between the sandstone hermit crab, dig through the seahorse-themed sandpit, or climb to the top of the playground equipment.

Got an adventurous little acrobat-in-the-making? They can refine their skills by flying through the air on the pendulum swing. Let them dream big as they soar as high as they can. After all, someday, they could wind up on our stage.

11. Bronte Park Playground

Sand, sea, sun, and slides — what more could you want from a playground? At Bronte Park, you get the best of all worlds. With a beach reserved for playing, plenty of free-to-use barbecues, and shaded trees, this park can be an all-day affair. We particularly love the miniature train that's been running through the park since 1947.

The playground is separated into two major areas. A smaller one for the youngsters is situated underneath a shade. It features a giant starfish hiding structure with colorful mosaic tiles. Kids can climb on the structure or even sit inside if they need to take a breather.

Older children might be more enticed by the larger playground. Adventurous youngsters can climb the castle-themed playset and play on the rope nets, platforms, and bridges leading to the slide.

Historic and Iconic Playgrounds

Sure, a playground is, first and foremost, a place for kids to play, but we love parks that go above and beyond. These historic and iconic playgrounds stand out, and you'll know why as soon as you set foot in them.

12. Prince Alfred Park

A historical journey unfolds at Prince Alfred Park. A big hot-air balloon-shaped structure pays homage to British Aeronaut Thomas Gale, who flew one from Prince Alfred Park to Redfern.

Next to it stands an adorable elephant slide, a testament to Prince Alfred's pet elephant that he brought with him on a trip to Australia. Beyond that, children scamper up sprawling green hills to get to the top of a hillside slide or propel themselves through the air on loads of swings.

But the park has so much more to offer than a playground. The heated public swimming pool entices swimmers, and numerous sports fields and green areas span the 18-acre plot.

One thing that may catch your eye is the rainbow pavement path. It guides those who follow it to Equality Green, an area commemorating marriage equality and those who fought for it in Australia.

13. Victoria Park

Victoria Park is a little slice of natural heaven that welcomes visitors to take a break from the city and enjoy the outdoors. It features a lake, walkways, and a swimming pool. In 2010, the playground received a major facelift. Children were invited to make suggestions to help create the park and play equipment of their dreams.

Our favorite thing about this park is the accessible equipment. It has an all-abilities climbing net and an accessible swing. Beyond that, you'll find a children's wading pool, where cries of joy and laughter ring out among the splashing youngsters.

The on-site café is the perfect spot for parents to get some refreshments after a day of chasing their little ones around.

14. Camperdown Memorial Rest Park

With a spacious, fenced-off playground and plenty of greenery, Camperdown Memorial Rest Park is a breath of fresh air. Watch your kids navigate a wobble bridge, building up core strength while having a grand time, or push them into the sky on the swings.

Thanks to the plethora of trees, the park has a natural feel and plenty of shade. The sandpit, complete with all sorts of digger equipment, is a nice touch.

Keep in mind this park doesn't have any on-site restrooms, so plan accordingly. If your little one needs a bathroom, you can find shops and cafés just outside the park's boundaries.

Exploring the Boundless Joys of Sydney's Playgrounds

For children, playgrounds are more than just somewhere to burn their energy and exercise their bodies. They're places where dreams come true and unbelievable stories of their own inventions unfold.

Hanging from monkey bars, breezing across climbing nets, and playing on ground trampolines are fun ways to pass the time. We love it.

Our performers are like children on playground equipment. They climb, balance, and jump while telling stories that inspire emotions.

When they take the stage, they fuse professionalism with childlike passion. Their moves take the audience on a whimsical, otherworldly journey. When we put on a show, we go all in. We blend creativity and artistry with awe-inspiring feats of athleticism.

If you've got a little one on your hands who loves to push their limits, take them to one of our shows in Sydney! We'll help them discover that dreams can become reality.

It's an unforgettable evening for the whole family, so prepare to be amazed.

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