Life is a Circus

Beren D'Amico

South London born artist and acrobat, Beren D’Amico, spent the early years of his life on tour with his parents who were performers for the French circus company, Archaos. His father was the lead of Thunderdogs, a band who performed the soundtrack to Archaos’ show ‘Metal Clown’, and his mother, a dancer and artist who performed as a clown in the show. This set Beren onto a path of being obsessed with all things physical.

Beren grew up distracted from school, often in trouble and spent his time doodling in textbooks instead of working. At eight, Beren discovered Taekwondo, which inspired his urge to focus and make good use of his fidgety energy. He eventually learnt a martial arts-based form of acrobatics called ‘Tricking’, and decided that this was a discipline that he wanted to adopt.

Life came full circle when Beren found the circus again. He attended the National Centre for Circus Arts, where he honed his acrobatic skills that were previously self-taught. In 2013, Beren graduated and co-founded the acrobatic circus company, Barely Methodical Troupe, whose shows have opened for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, London International Mime Festival, Montréal Complètement Cirque, and have toured internationally.

All the while, on the road, Beren obsessed over film and photography, trying to formulate ways to mix acrobatics with film and visuals, testing how to present movement outside the realms of live performance.

Realizing that a smartphone allowed him to create anytime, anywhere, Beren could act as soon as inspiration consumed him. Through obsessive pursuits and limited resources, he formed his own style of sounds and visuals; multi-limbed stills, animated short films, and sample-based compositions, all created in the palm of his hands.

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