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Beautiful Places in Orlando

The stunning beauty of Orlando echoes in every park and urban landscape. You just have to go out and look for it.

Of all the things to do in Orlando, getting out and exploring the natural and urban landscapes is a fan favorite. Whether you want to sunbathe on sprawling green spaces while admiring a lake or traverse museums with mind-blowing artistic creations, you’ll find no shortage of beautiful places in Orlando.

We love the effortless elegance of the parks here and how the trees and other plant life sprawl out to soak in the sun. The colors of this city's gardens inspire creativity and awaken your inner artist. You don't want to miss these gems of Orlando scenery.


Parks await around every corner here, where the weather is fine all year round. Mild winters and gorgeous summers invite outdoor activities and breaths of fresh air in some of the most scenic places in Orlando. These parks all bring a little something extra to the table, starting with their pristine beauty.

1. Lake Eola Park

You don’t have to leave the city to find breathtaking beauty in Orlando. In the heart of downtown, you’ll find Lake Eola Park. The whole space is an aesthetic treasure trove, from its truly stunning fountain to the swans gracefully dancing on the lake.

Expansive green spaces invite picturesque picnics, and bird-watching opportunities abound around every corner. Take a rented pedal-powered swan boat to the lake for a brand-new perspective and a memorable adventure. From this new vantage point, you’ll get some of the best views of the Orlando skyline.

On the park's eastern side, you'll find a scenic, Asian-inspired area complete with a pagoda from Shanghai and a Japanese rock garden.

Photographer: Wade Allen

2. Loch Haven Park

Loch Haven Park sits between Lake Estelle, Lake Rowena, and Lake Formosa. This 45-acre cultural park is home to the Orlando Science Center, Orlando Museum of Art, Orlando Shakespeare Theater, and many other attractions.

Of course, the attractions aren’t the only places where the beauty comes into play. Near the Mennello Museum of American Art, you’ll find one of the oldest and largest oak trees, affectionately nicknamed "The Mayor."

Sculptures and public art exhibits dot the landscape as you stroll around the lakes. Their vibrant colors and exciting shapes make for great conversation pieces and offer something to contemplate once you leave.

3. Bill Frederick Park at Turkey Lake

If you’re looking for an entire day filled with the natural beauty of the Orlando area, head to Bill Frederick Park. It extends across 183 acres alongside Turkey Lake, inviting nature lovers to soak in the sun and catch a breath of fresh air.

This urban park boasts almost every outdoor excursion you could want, from a swimming pool to disc golf courses and camping. Follow the two-mile trail on the park's western edge to view a myriad of plant life, such as oaks draped in green strands of catbrier.

This trail eventually leads past the Children’s Farm, where you’ll see a big, red barn and a fully functional farm. Stop by and learn about the animals!

4. Dickson Azalea Park

Dickson Azalea Park was once a simple watering hole for cattle herders, but today, it’s a beloved park. The azaleas planted around the park bring a splash of color. Colonel H. H. Dickson, an Orlando civil leader, brought these vibrant flowers to many areas across the city.

Within the park, you’ll discover various distinctive architectural pieces funded and built during the Great Depression. Stone staircases and wooden footbridges weave around the park, making navigating through the forested areas possible.

Most notable, however, is the Washington Street Bridge. This beautiful bridge is a designated historic landmark, which arches over a ravine.

5. Lake Ivanhoe Park

Lake Ivanhoe Park provides serenity away from the city’s bustle. It’s a popular destination for families on their daily walks, joggers, and cyclists.

Bask in the sun as you marvel at the landscapes or sit under the shade of massive oak trees.

If you’re interested in an adventure, you’re welcome to get out on the lake. It’s common to see paddleboards and canoes dotting its surface.

6. Greenwood Urban Wetlands

Greenwood Urban Wetlands is more than just a pretty sight to behold; it’s actually highly functional. This stretch of land collects runoff from the surrounding roadways and hills. The runoff is filtered out by the aquatic plants and trees that disguise its dirty purpose into something worth admiring.

A walking trail winds across 19 acres of parkland, occasionally crossing the lake at various points to grant access to other areas in the park. However, we think it’s pretty beautiful from any angle.

Along the trail, you’ll eventually come across a pet memorial wall, where residents can have their beloved pets’ names added. It’s a beautiful testament to people's love for their pets, and this dog-friendly park is a great place to showcase it.

7. Big Tree Park

Nestled in the corner of Spring Hammock Reserve, Big Tree Park awaits your exploration. This park is one of the most beautiful places in Orlando, FL, with untamed wilderness that sprawls all around you as you trek through the ancient trees.

Its natural beauty comes from its iconic cypress trees, some over 1,000 years old. Among the oldest is Lady Liberty, a tree of truly gargantuan proportions estimated to be about 2,000 years old.

The park was home to The Senator, the fifth-oldest tree in the world at 3,500 years old and one of Orlando’s landmarks. Unfortunately, this tree was destroyed by arson, but that’s not the end of its great tale.

Thanks to the mid-1990s efforts of a local high school teacher interested in developing a seed orchard, the tree has a genetic clone. His attempts included using several branches from The Senator, which he successfully propagated by grafting them onto rootstock.

When The Senator burned, this cloned tree, approximately 40 feet tall, was placed nearby. It’s been aptly named "The Phoenix".

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8. Blue Jacket Park

Blue Jacket Park is a little snippet of naval history in Orlando. For more than 30 years, this park was the Orlando Naval Training Center, where thousands of service personnel passed through.

However, in 2000, 75 acres of the site were transformed into a park. It was designed to offer a place to get outdoors and reflect on the sacrifices made by the people who once called it home.

You’ll find the Navy History Wall, where the Orlando Naval Training Center’s parade grounds once stood. This location marked the new recruits’ transition from a civilian to a sailor. The wall's ten panels recreate the experience recruits went through and the history relating to what the Navy currently does in Orlando.

9: Harbor Park

You don’t have to search for the closest beaches to Orlando to get unbelievable sunsets. You’ll discover Harbor Park right on the lakefront within the Lake Baldwin neighborhood. Here, you'll find some of the most beautiful sunsets in Orlando amid the pristine green spaces and idyllic gazebos that await.

As you stroll along, lush greenery and Lake Baldwin stretch around you, creating a peaceful environment. The entire trail spans about 2.5 miles, and along the way, you’ll pass cafés, a dog park, and a beach area.


Florida's natural climate is conducive to growing the most beautiful plants. If you know where to look, you'll find something blooming all year round.

10. Leu Gardens

Just minutes from Downtown Orlando sits Leu Gardens, a botanist's dream come true. More than 40 plant collections from around the world span across 50 acres. Whether you're passionate about lush rainforests, graceful rose gardens, or quirky succulents, you’ll find some plants here worthy of your attention.

The gardens host frequent events, including outdoor movie nights on the first Friday of each month, which are a local favorite. While the movies are usually tailored toward adults, some family-friendly showings pop up from time to time.

Nature Preserves

The unbridled beauty of nature is awe-inspiring. At this nature preserve, you’ll get a taste of what Orlando was like before it was settled and urbanized.

11. Split Oak Forest Wildlife and Environmental Area

If you’re looking for something more removed from urban life, Split Oak Forest Wildlife and Environmental Area may have the untamed beauty you seek. It draws its name from a tree on its premises that split down the middle after 200 years of growth. Despite the significant damage, the tree survived.

Here, natural activities abound. Go bird-watching or cycle along the trails and unpaved roads. The extra protections for wildlife and efforts toward conservation mean you’re likely to spot all sorts of animals along your way. You might even spot a wild gopher or a tortoise or two.

The Arts

The human penchant for arts and creativity is breathtaking. There’s something admirable about pouring your heart and soul into a work of art to display for the whole world to see. Here are some of our favorite artistic venues in Orlando.

12. Orlando Museum of Art

Natural beauty is breathtaking on its own, but there’s something heart-stopping about seeing a piece of human-created art. The Orlando Museum of Art weaves a tale of historic artistry as you take in amazing paintings and sculptures.

Tours, art workshops, and gallery talks provide opportunities to engage and explore the works within the museum.

13. Dr. Phillips Center

For an unforgettable experience in the heart of Orlando, turn to Dr. Phillips Center, where over 300 performances occur each year. While the stage shows are sure to delight, the venue is stunning.

It all starts with intentionally exposed structural elements, including a soaring canopy shooting out over Magnolia Avenue on the west side of the building. Glass walls make for unbelievable city views, and the circular staircase inside the lobby adds a luxurious air.

Whether you’re a fan of Broadway, opera, comedy, or any other performing arts, you’ll probably find a show you like on Dr. Phillips’ event calendar. You’ll even find short, 30-minute adventures for young children aged one to five here, bringing theater to every age group.

Photographer: Sid Ramirez

14. The Mennello Museum of American Art

Mennello Museum of American Art is a testament to esteemed artist Earl Cunningham, who painted jaw-dropping landscapes of the East Coast. With a flat perspective and vivid, dramatic colors, his unique style is unforgettable. Cunningham passed away in St. Augustine, but his art lives on at this museum.

Beyond works by Cunningham, the museum seeks to bring people into the world of creativity, encouraging them to embrace their inner artists and celebrate traditional and contemporary American art.

15. Orlando Science Center

At the Orlando Science Center, you’ll appreciate the natural beauty of the world around you. It's one of the best things to do in Orlando when looking for something educational, and you won’t be disappointed by the aesthetics.

From electronics to dinosaurs, this museum takes you on a deep dive into science. After all, one of the greatest creative forces is nature itself. You’ll walk away from this experience with a whole new appreciation for the world around you.

Exhibits such as Our Planet, and Our Solar System showcase the intricate interplay between the atmosphere and other parts of the Earth that make life's existence possible. Others, such as Tiny Green Home, show how sustainability can greatly impact the environment.

Celebrating the Beauty of Orlando's Most Captivating Spots

Beauty can be found everywhere you look in this great city, from parks to museums. For truly inspiring beauty, come to one of our shows in Orlando. We'll draw you into a world where limits fade away as we weave an intricate story, one flip, and trick at a time. Prepare to be dazzled by our expert blend of artistry, athleticism, and special effects.

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