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Art Galleries in Orange County, CA

Immerse yourself in a rich tapestry of displays at Orange County art galleries—where creativity meets coastal charm.

In the heart of Southern California, you'll find a distinct art scene that showcases unique facets of creativity. Exploring art galleries is one of our favorite things to do in Orange County. We've curated a list of the ones you don't want to miss.

Santa Ana

Santa Ana has a flourishing art community known for its edgy, provocative displays. Each delights audiences like one of our high-flying performances.

1. Orange County Center for Contemporary Art

Founded in 1980, the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art is part of the historic Downtown Santa Ana Artists Village. It's also one of the area's most vibrant arts districts. This nonprofit corporation has long been a cornerstone of the local art community.

The gallery proudly displays groundbreaking contemporary art from emerging and established artists. It also gives them an uncensored forum for experimentation and risk-taking, allowing them to push the boundaries of creativity.

OCCCA hosts thought-provoking exhibits that defy conformity and challenge viewers’ perceptions. It showcases avant-garde artworks from local and international artists and offers workshops, classes, forums, films, concerts, and artists' receptions.

2. Showcase Gallery and Bear Street Gallery

The Orange County Fine Arts Association operates Showcase Gallery. It’s celebrated for its diverse array of art, from traditional and modern to daring and experimental.

Bear Street Gallery is housed in the same building. Both galleries are known for having a community-driven approach. In addition to displaying art, they host workshops and events to engage the public.

These galleries enrich the region's cultural fabric by stimulating public interest through exhibits, education, and scholarships for aspiring artists. Part of the proceeds from sales at Showcase Gallery go toward the OFCA Scholarship Fund.

3. Art Center Gallery

Since opening in 1994, Art Center Gallery has been a prominent fixture in Santa Ana. It displays the works of emerging and established contemporary artists alongside modern masters, providing an environment for art enthusiasts to discover unique pieces that resonate with their tastes.

The gallery’s extensive collection features limited editions and original pieces. Its artist lineup includes some of the nation's most popular artists.

4. Santa Ana College Gallery at the Santora Arts Building

With two premier gallery locations, the Santa Ana College Galleries have a strong community presence. The main campus gallery was established in the early 1970s, but the satellite location at the Santora Arts Building didn't open until 1996.

During its High School Invitational, the Santora Gallery showcases top art from local high school students. Both art galleries are considered beacons of artistic expression within the college system. By displaying student artwork alongside pieces by professional artists, these galleries become a hub of creative inspiration and exchange.

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Irvine's art galleries make art accessible to all. They're esteemed for their educational programs and community engagement.

5. Village Gallery

Village Gallery has been operating for more than four decades. It has a curated selection of original paintings and limited-edition prints. Live demonstrations and artist signings are also common occurrences here.

This art gallery in Orange County has launched many popular artists’ careers. It’s one of the largest Thomas Kinkade dealers in the nation and has featured his work from the beginning of his career.

Village Gallery has a reputation as a visionary art company with a personalized approach to art sales. In addition to exhibitions featuring traditional styles and new trends, it offers custom framing services and art leasing.

6. Irvine Fine Arts Center

The Fine Arts Exhibition Program at the Irvine Fine Arts Center displays contemporary and cultural art exhibits from local and regional artists. Its goal is to expand community awareness and understanding of art. The gallery hosts two annual arts events—the Studio Arts Festival in June and the Holiday Faire in November.

To encourage aspiring artists of all ages, it also offers art camps and classes in fully equipped art studios. The Arts Center’s exhibitions often highlight emerging trends and artistic techniques, making it a favorite gallery among those wishing to expand their artistic knowledge and skills.

Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach is synonymous with art. It’s home to one of the oldest art museums in Orange County, more than 100 exceptional art galleries, and some of the most acclaimed art festivals nationwide.

7. Kush Fine Art Gallery

Kush Fine Art Gallery in Laguna Beach features an eclectic collection of original paintings, limited-edition prints, sculptures, drawings, jewelry, and art books. It features surreal artwork by internationally acclaimed artist Vladimir Kush, the founder of Metaphorical Realism, a new genre of art.

The gallery gives visitors free rein to their imaginations. Like our shows, Kush’s unique exhibitions offer an escapist experience that takes you on an unforgettable journey.

Source: Kush Fine Art

8. Ruth Mayer Gallery

The Orange County art scene wouldn’t be complete without the Ruth Mayer Gallery. A self-proclaimed artist by birth, Ruth Mayer created hundreds of works of art throughout her distinguished career.

The gallery houses a kaleidoscope of painting styles. First-time visitors are often surprised to learn that the same artist created all. Mayer is notable for her ability to run the gamut creatively. Her paintings feature realism, abstract and serene landscapes, and spirited street scenes.

Although the award-winning artist passed away in 2023 and her Catalina Island Gallery closed in 2017, the Ruth Mayer Gallery in Laguna Beach remains open for business.

9. Artist Eye Gallery

Voted Laguna Beach’s favorite gallery, Artist Eye Gallery is a cooperative gallery operated by the OCFA. Home to 18 local, national, and international artists, it offers one of the most diverse art collections in the city. Artists are also available for custom commissions.

Its monthly rotation of exhibits features paintings, sculptures, photography, and mixed media. Whether you're a first-time buyer or a longtime collector, you’re sure to find the perfect piece of art for your mantel here. A portion of the proceeds from gallery sales go to the OCFA Scholarship Fund.

10. Thomas Studios

Thomas Studios is an experimental art gallery in a league of its own. Its showroom features a blend of natural works in contemporary and modern styles. The overall effect integrates art and design, creating a unique experience that’s part creative and part retail.

Browse its collection of coastal artworks, including contemporary, wildlife, and ocean-inspired sculptures. You'll also find artisan-crafted contemporary and mid-century modern furniture here and home decor featuring blown glass lighting and vases.

Source: Thomas Studios

11. Todd Kenyon Studio Gallery

Todd Kenyon Studio Gallery in Laguna Beach features paintings by the gallery's namesake. His work recreates the beauty of the contemporary Southern California coastline in oils. As a transplant to the area turned local artist, Kenyon brings his unique perspective to the powerful force of the ocean and the minute details of every grain of sand.

Kenyon’s work is known for featuring rich, textural depictions of Laguna Beach seascapes and his ability to capture the vistas in every awe-inspiring brushstroke.

If the artwork at this gallery makes you crave more of the area's stunning scenery, check out some incredible viewpoints in Orange County. They'll leave you just as breathless.

12. Laguna Art-A-Fair

This unique venue operates as a traditional art gallery in Orange County and hosts a summer festival where over 100 artists display their creative endeavors. Known as the festival without borders, Laguna Art-A-Fair offers the perfect place to let your imagination soar higher than our astonishing performers and discover new realms of creativity.

While Laguna Beach is already home to tons of art galleries, this annual festival transforms it into an even more vibrant artist colony. Visitors can enjoy art exhibits from nearly every media, live entertainment, and workshops. You can even watch various artists produce their next creations in their booths.

13. Mission Fine Art Gallery

Mission Fine Art Gallery is an artist-run institution about 10 miles outside Laguna Beach in San Juan Capistrano. The historic public space that houses the gallery features award-winning paintings, jewelry, ceramics, and hand-thrown pottery by 15 artists.

This gallery offers a serene, inviting atmosphere that allows art lovers to fully appreciate the poetic representations created on canvas or other mediums. Each piece invites you to connect with the art world and the natural surroundings of Southern California in profound, moving ways.

Mission Fine Art Gallery has one goal—to serve the community by creating art that celebrates life, and we think it succeeds.

Source: Mission Fine Art Gallery


While Anaheim is renowned for its iconic amusement parks, its art galleries add a unique cultural dimension to the city you don’t want to miss.

14. The Disney Gallery

The Disney Gallery is nearly as magical as the theme parks represented in the art. Here, you can feast your eyes on a stunning showcase of attractions from theme parks all over the world. Spot Disney-inspired artwork and historic theme park memorabilia, models, and concept renderings.

Anaheim’s gallery offers a special treat that pleases fans and art lovers alike. It provides a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the artistic process that brought Disney's magic to life. Anyone, no matter their age, can appreciate this awe-inspiring place.

Source: Disneyland Resort

15. S. Preston Art + Designs

S. Preston Art + Designs is the ultimate exhibit for sports fans who enjoy minimalistic works of art. The gallery stands out for its modern approach and is a dream come true for Aboot S. Preston, the genius behind the art.

It opened in September 2017, and its collections display the creative side of sports with a definitive shoutout for the love of the game. Come to a place where art and sports collide.

Within the city’s traditional art scene, this gallery offers a breath of fresh air and an exciting edge to sports art you’ll be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. This stop is the next best thing if you can't make it to a game during your Orange County trip.

Dana Point

Dana Point’s galleries reflect the coastal town’s serene beauty and laid-back vibe. These spots are ideal for those seeking a tranquil art experience.

16. Best Friends Art Gallery

Laura Seeley is the star of the show at Best Friends Art Gallery. It’s a favorite among those who enjoy animal art with a lighthearted, whimsical touch. Housing the artist’s endeavors, the gallery features various mediums. However, paintings and sculptures with animals play a central theme.

While Seeley is a painter, she has also authored and illustrated several award-winning children’s books. Much of her work features cats, but other animals and objects make an appearance from time to time. Her gallery offers animal lovers a delightful space to make heartfelt connections that celebrate the companionship of pets.

17. Gallery Dana Bay

Gallery Dana Bay is for art enthusiasts and investors seeking collectible art. It represents a curated collection of over 40 local, national, and international artists.

Many paintings, historical and contemporary prints, sculptures, and photographs adorn its walls and halls. The gallery also features an exclusive exhibition by Bernie Taupin—Sir Elton John’s longtime songwriting partner.

To raise awareness of endangered Asian elephants, Gallery Dana Bay hosted the Elephant Parade in North America. It continues to promote conservation efforts by showcasing and selling hand-painted elephant statues created by local artists, celebrities, and public figures.

Exploring Artistic Diversity Through Orange County's Galleries

After visiting local galleries and viewing the amazing artwork, head to the theater for a thrilling display of performance art. Our dancers leap and twirl across the stage while our acrobats soar overhead, performing gravity-defying feats that will leave you gasping in awe.

At our shows, our out-of-this-world performances weave unimaginable tales accompanied by thrilling musical scores and incredible special effects. We dare you to dream big and imagine a world without limits.

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