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Amusement Parks in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is so much more than its casinos. Check out these exciting and unique attractions to keep the show going during your stay.

The chimes and lights of casinos might be iconic in Las Vegas, but there is so much more to this grand city than meets the eye. Here, everything is larger than life, from the shows to the hotels, and that principle carries over to amusement parks and attractions.

The things to do in Las Vegas seem almost endless, and there's truly something for everyone. We love how the city, and its attractions defy the norm. Where else can you catch a world-class performance, ride an indoor roller coaster, immerse yourself in VR worlds, and drive a real tank?

We have compiled some of the most exciting amusement parks in Las Vegas to help you plan your time here. If you are waiting for our next show to start, these locations will keep the fun going.

Family-Friendly and General Entertainment

Despite its reputation, Sin City is a fantastic, family-friendly vacation destination. There are arcades all around Las Vegas that will no doubt tickle anyone’s fancy.

1. Adventuredome Theme Park

When you visit the Adventuredome, worries about weather and temperature melt away. With over five acres of indoor attractions to explore, Adventuredome at Circus Circus sits within a massive, climate-controlled glass dome.

Roaming clowns emphasize the hotel's theme, putting on impromptu shows and evoking laughter and cheer wherever they go. Its versatility and appeal to people of all ages make it a top family-friendly attraction in the area. A collection of twenty-five rides and attractions await people of all ages here.

For the daredevils and thrill seekers in the family, two coasters zip and zoom through the air and around loop-the-loops. The younger crowd can delight in the less-exhilarating, but no less fun spin of a carousel or bouncing up and down on the kids-only Frog Hopper. Even our youngest fans deserve to fly into the air like we do, after all.

If you're a coaster connoisseur, you may want to check out more Las Vegas roller coasters.

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2. The Big Apple Coaster & Arcade

The hotels in Las Vegas have a penchant for going big with their themes, and the New York-New York Hotel & Casino is no exception. Not only does it overlook the Strip, but the design of the architecture itself draws inspiration from the city that never sleeps.

The Big Apple Coaster winds around the property and gives gorgeous views of the city below. Brace yourself to fly over sixty-seven miles per hour while careening down a 203-foot drop.

Coaster fans will not want to miss this one, as it is the first in the world to feature a 180-degree heartline twist and dive. Riders must be at least fifty-four inches tall to ride, but those who make the cut will be treated to an unforgettable experience.

If you would rather leave flying through the air to our performers, check out the Big Apple Arcade, where you can try your hand at classic arcade games, such as Skee-Ball and air hockey, or pick up the controllers for video games.

We could not let New York-New York have all the city-themed fun. Our show, Mad Apple, plays regularly within the hotel. Fans must be at least 18 years old to attend, but it is a show you won't want to miss.

Delve into the surreal metropolis, and appreciate the seemingly effortless stunts by our skilled, fearless performers who dream as big as the Big Apple itself. Let the iconic music move you and complete the ambiance while urban dance choreography meets circus acts to draw you into our carefully cultivated world.

3. Paradise Water Park

Continuing the seasonal trend, if your visit falls during the summer months, we recommend Paradise Water Park. This fun park in Las Vegas also includes a community pool, featuring a play structure, two water slides for extra oomph, and a diving board for more daring swimmers.

After a day of exploring other outdoor events under the hot desert sun, a dip in the pool could be the reinvigorating reprieve you need. It's also an excellent option for families with children across various ages.

Younger swimmers can practice their water skills at the shallow-water beach on one side, while those who swim as naturally as our acrobats flip through the air can enjoy the deeper side.

If the mermaid or merman in you prefers a more natural habitat, you may be able to find it in one of the Lakes near Las Vegas.

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Unique and Adventure Parks

Not all amusement parks have to be full of roller coasters and carousels. Take a Las Vegas tour of their unique theme parks. They explore all sorts of experiences people would not typically think of, and they offer a whole new way to enjoy the city and everything it has to offer.

4. Dig This Las Vegas

Remember the days spent in the sandbox with toy excavators and bulldozers, plowing down sand piles and pretending to crash into each other? At Dig This Las Vegas, you can bring those dreams to life. This theme park in Las Vegas creates a massive sandbox where adults and children can get their hands dirty.

The Kids Digs session allows children to operate miniature excavators and other construction equipment in a controlled environment, letting them bring their wildest dreams to life as they move dirt and run a construction site their way.

Children under forty-eight inches tall or under the age of five require an adult's assistance, but everyone else is free to live their own adventure. Adults and older children can book individual and group digs, where they get to drive real, functional equipment such as excavators, backhoes, and skid steers.

Our favorite is the Aggression Session, where you get to take a can of spray paint to an old car. Write down whatever is bringing you down, and destroy that car using a massive, 30,000-pound excavator until you feel better. Sessions last 30 minutes.

Photographer: Boukaih

5. Sin City Smash

Sometimes, the best way to let go of strong emotions is to take them out on something. Sin City Smash allows you to vent your frustrations, and also provides a visceral outlet for excess energy. We love that this attraction makes the sky the limit.

Do you want to throw an axe across the room? Go for it. Those aged ten and older can practice their skills and fling their weapon at targets on the opposite side of the room.

Have you ever wanted to throw everything off a table and smash it into pieces? You can do that here, too. Individuals must be aged eighteen or older to book a session, but children aged 10 and older can still participate as long as a legal parent or guardian accompanies them.

If you would like to see something constructive come from throwing things around, why not try a splatter paint room? Artistry meets an opportunity to let go of your inhibitions as you fling paint at a canvas. Here, you can create your own piece of art in groups of up to six people.

You can even sharpen your shooting skills using high-powered airsoft guns at SeBashtian’s Airsoft Training Course. You and your crew will take turns rushing through the course to see who has the best skills, so there is no risk of getting hit while playing.

6. Exotics Racing

True speed demons will love the Exotics Racing attraction in Las Vegas. Get behind the wheel on some of the most powerful supercars in the world. If you have dreamed of taking control of a Ferrari and pushing the pedal to the metal, here is your chance.

Whether you would rather drive yourself around the track or ride shotgun while a pro takes the wheel, Exotics Racing has numerous packages that allow you to customize your experience. If you would rather get down and dirty, the off-road dirt track can make it happen with a specialized Baja race truck.

Send dust clouds streaming behind you while you shred the track, and fly through the air as you shoot over hills and ramps. These trucks can reach up to 90 miles per hour. While these options are tailored to adults, the go-kart track allows drivers as young as 14 to enter the fray and race.

Walk-ins are welcome for this experience, but booking ahead will reduce your wait time.

7. Battlefield Vegas

It might be unexpected to associate firearms with entertainment, but in the day of first-person shooters and action movies, it's easy to understand why some would feel drawn to having the possibility of wielding the weapons they see on screen.

Battlefield Vegas offers that chance within a safe, controlled environment. When you arrive at Battlefield Vegas, you'll be greeted by the military vehicles surrounding it.

You can select from several indoor packages, ranging from hand-selected beginner-friendly guns to historical event recreation and video game-inspired experiences.

Outdoors, you can shoot a sniper rifle, drive a real tank, and even wield a flamethrower. It's a once-in-a-lifetime chance to pick up real military equipment and safely get a feel for how it works. After all, how many civilians can claim to have driven a tank?

High-Adrenaline and Thrill Parks

Experience the heart-pounding excitement of adrenaline coursing through your veins with these thrill parks. Each subverts typical expectations somehow, and we're here for it. We love how they take each theme and push it to the extreme.

8. The Midway at Circus Circus

Gamers rejoice — The Midway at Circus Circus is your playground. Walking through the massive arcade on the hotel's second level, you'll discover over 200 games just waiting to be played. Both modern and classic fan favorites await your attention amid bright, flashing lights and distinctive carpeting.

You'll find traditional arcade games here, as well as others that are more akin to what you'd find at a circus, such as shooting water guns at a target or throwing darts at balloons for a prize.

We love the effortless blend between modern and classic here. With so many games across what may very well be the largest arcade in the city, there's something to catch the attention of every member of your family.

A stroll through the prize store reveals typical arcade prizes, such as Tootsie Rolls and small bracelets, among the more unexpected big-ticket items. If you rack up enough points, you could even walk out with a TV.

Photographer: Zayn Shah

10. K1 Speed

Go-karting is exhilarating in just about any setting, but one thing that can quickly hinder the experience is the weather. Rain isn't usually as much of a concern here in Las Vegas, but summers are blistering hot. K1 Speed in Las Vegas solves this problem by bringing the entire experience indoors.

Don't worry about emissions — all the vehicles are European-style electric karts, so there won't be any fumes. These go-karts can reach speeds of 45 miles per hour as they zip and wind around the track, adding a whole new level of thrill to the experience.

Older children and adults can both try their hands at this track, although there are some height limits. Children must be at least 48 inches tall and capable of operating the kart to participate in a junior race, and eligibility is determined by management's discretion.

Adults, on the other hand, must be at least 58 inches tall to drive. While juniors and adults can't race together, it's still tons of fun to cheer for the other racers in your party while waiting for your turn.

Photographer: Motorjan11

10. Area 15

You'll embark on an out-of-this-world adventure of your choosing as soon as you step foot in AREA15. Stunning artwork catches the eye throughout the district. While you can wander the district for free, you will need to buy a pass to engage in the activities, rides, and attractions.

We particularly love Omega Mart, which immerses you into a live-action roleplaying game where you play as a grocery store employee seeking to solve a mystery where things are not what they seem.

With state-of-the-art technology and interactive projections rivaling our own, AREA15's Illuminarium engulfs you in scenes that look straight out of a movie, from safari settings to nebulas in space.

You will also find rides throughout the district, such as the VR-enhanced Birdly, where you'll soar through the air wearing a VR headset to explore stunning worlds. If you would rather see the world around you than the mind-blowing special effects Area 15 is known for, check out LIFTOFF.

This ride lasts about 10 minutes, during which you will enter an observation tower and slowly be lifted 130 feet into the air above the Las Vegas Strip.

Don not forget to take in the phenomenal views of the city from your new vantage point. While it is available day or night, we prefer the nighttime view when you can see the shimmering neon lights.

Las Vegas' Amusement Parks - Beyond the Casinos

There’s nothing we love more than Vegas. The flashiness and larger-than-life approach to everything mirrors what we embody with our performances. The various attractions and amusement parks in Las Vegas reach beyond the limits and allow visitors to explore the city in a new light.

Every time we put on a performance; we strive to do the same. Our team flies through the air, dances to stunning soundtracks, and weaves moving tales that coax you out of this world and into one of our own creations.

After spending a day at the amusement parks, you'll be ready to settle down and watch one of our shows in Las Vegas. We are so excited to share them with you. The artistic prowess of our performers will not let you down.

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