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Amusement Parks in Vancouver: Thrills, Fun & Attractions

Set the stage for unbelievable adventures at any of Vancouver’s amusement parks and attractions.

Buckle up! You're in for a wild ride when you visit the city's amusement parks. Thanks to the city’s abundance of attractions, you won’t spend long trying to find exciting things to do in Vancouver. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker like us or just looking for something to do with young children, you’ll find an activity certain to please.

While you can’t go wrong with any of the attractions in Vancouver, some have caught our eye more than others. We have you covered if you’re looking for a great time that rivals the electrifying experience of seeing us on stage. These are our top picks.

Roller Coasters and Thrill Parks

Get ready for the thrill of a lifetime. The Vancouver area has some of the most exciting rides you’ll find in British Columbia.

1. Playland at the PNE

Thrills and screams of delight await at Playland in Vancouver, the home of the famous ThunderVolt. It's the fastest, most intense roller coaster Canada has to offer. This coaster sends a train of three cars off with 1.3 Gs of acceleration as riders travel through a massive tunnel illuminated with brightly colored lights.

Of course, that’s not all that you’ll find at the Playland amusement park. The place is absolutely jam-packed with things to do and rides to experience. When the rides have names like Atmosfear and The Hellevator, you know you’re in for a wicked good time.

Other rides that will put a smile on your face include the Cedar Rapids Log Flume, Sea to Sky Swinger, and Dizzy Drop.

If you have younger thrill-seekers in your party, don’t worry — gentle rides suitable for smaller children abound. They can spin their hearts out on the Teacups or hitch a ride on the Cool Cruzers, where they'll sit in shimmering, pint-sized cars that spin around a track.

The Honeybee Express is another fan favorite. Your child will wear their conductor’s hat and ride a colorful train through an enchanted forest. Playland is our favorite amusement park in Vancouver. It has over 30 rides, numerous carnival-style games, and other attractions, such as a climbing wall and glass house.

Photographer: Tim Gouw

2. Cyprus Mountain Eagle Coaster

As lovers of all things unconventional, we love the Cyprus Mountain Eagle Coaster. Located in the Cypress Ski Resort in West Vancouver, this alpine coaster is far from your typical amusement park experience. It all starts with a scenic chairlift ride up Black Mountain.

This coaster is entirely gravity-powered. You start at the top of the mountain, climbing into a cozy cart with a hand brake that lets you control your adventure completely. Go down the rail as quickly or slowly as you’d like.

The coaster's max speed is around 25 miles per hour. If you’d rather take in the picturesque views of some of Canada’s most beautiful wild lands, feel free to tone it down a few notches. Over the course of 1.1 miles of rail, you'll descend about 900 ft. in elevation, winding through rugged terrain and weaving through trees.

Water Parks

Don’t let the summer heat get you down. When it’s too hot to hike or hop in line for a roller coaster, these water parks are just what you need.

3. Granville Island Water Park

Nothing beats the summer heat better than zipping down an aquatic slide. During the summer months, Granville Island Water Park opens up to excite local children and incite loads of fun. Pack up your swimsuits and towels and prepare to cool off.

Sprays and fountains dot the cement, encouraging children to splash and play. The park is divided into two areas, separating children by age and ability to keep everyone safe. The younger children’s space, which is fenced off for extra security, is where the littlest members of your family can play with others their own age.

In the bigger play area, however, all bets are off. It’s a true free-for-all (within reason), where older children, teens, and adults can have all-out battles with cannon spouts and buckets that fill up before pouring their contents on the unsuspecting passersby below.

Photographer: Ewan Streit

4. Big Splash Water Slide Park

At Big Splash Water Slide Park, summer stress melts away amid pools, aquatic slides, and cabanas. This 7-acre resort provides plenty of excitement for adults and children, and fun lurks around every corner.

Are you looking for thrills that careen you up and down 40 ft.? The Boomerango will take your breath away. Get dizzy as the Loop the Loop sends you spiraling. With 13 slides, you’ll have plenty to enjoy.

Even younger children can get in on the action, jumping into the main pool or the Junior Splash area, where they'll find smaller slides and shallower pools. At the kids’ splash pad, cannon spouts and sprinklers inspire a day of excitement under the sun, even when the summer heat starts to ramp up.

Need a pick-me-up? Concession stands are scattered around the park, offering hot-off-the-grill bites and fresh, made-to-order pizzas. You can also satisfy your sweet tooth at the Candy Café, where ice cream, beverages, and rows of candy await, sure to drive the children in your group wild.

5. Cultus Lake Waterpark

When it’s time for a break from the big city, venture into Cultus Lake Waterpark, the largest water park in British Columbia, for a day of wicked-fast waterslides, pools, and splash pads. Everything about this park screams summer fun, and you’ll be screaming, too, when you get on some of the most thrilling rides within its massive 640 acres.

If you want to know what it’s like for our performers to free-fall on stage, you can find out on the Freefall, a waterslide not for the faint of heart. It’ll plummet you down a 72-foot vertical drop. Learn about white river rafting on the Radical Rapids for fast-paced thrills that shake, rattle, and roll your raft as you cling on for dear life.

You don’t have to be a daring thrill-seeker to enjoy yourself here. Kids flock to the Pirates Cove spray park, where they can climb, slide, and splash their way on their very own swashbuckling expedition.

6. Variety Kids Water Park in Stanley Park

After a lively day exploring some of Vancouver's best family-friendly attractions, cool off at the popular Stanley Park water park. It's called the Variety Kids Water Park, and you’ll find it right next to the seawall at Lumbermen’s Arch.

With grassy spaces, picnic tables, and a concession stand, it’s a fantastic chance for some unstructured, low-key fun so you can recuperate after a day of chasing the kiddos around. Watch their imaginations emerge as they climb the big rock structure known locally as the Fox’s Den.

7. Hastings Community Park Splash Area

For many families in Vancouver, the quintessential summer experience is visiting Hastings Community Park’s splash area. The park is among the oldest in the city and offers a wealth of things to do for both young and old visitors. Mature trees line the grassy areas, and playground equipment begs to be enjoyed.

As the temperatures creep up in the summer months, kids flock to the splash area for a quick chance to cool down. Fountains coming up from the concrete create lines of fountains spraying up in the air, offering the perfect opportunity for a cool frolic.

The park is close to restaurants, so you can enjoy brunch in Vancouver and finish with a stroll to walk off the meal.

Adventure and Family Parks

Gather the kids and get ready for an unforgettable adventure. These locations offer a day of family bonding and a lifetime of phenomenal memories.

8. Castle Fun Park

As soon as Castle Fun Park comes into view, you’ll know how it got its name. The building is truly massive, with coned peaks on the roof. As soon as you walk inside, you’ll see exactly why it needs so much space. It’s positively brimming with things to do, making it a must-visit if you’re in the Vancouver area.

Whether you want to fly around a curvy track on the go-karts or try your hand at acrobatics getting through the laser maze, it’s an exciting affair. Bumper cars and bowling also await in this true adventure seeker’s paradise.

Play by yourself, or compete with a friend in the arcade. Here, you’ll find over 200 games ranging from bright, flashy pinball machines to a larger-than-life rendition of Connect 4. As you play, collect tickets to exchange for a memento to remember your trip.

The venue has two mini golf courses. One takes you through the usual outdoor course, but there’s also an indoor one where you’ll step into a whole new world. With its immersive, under-the-sea theme, you’ll guide your ball past sharks and through octopus tentacles daring to stop you.

If you come with little ones, take them straight to the Wonder Farm Kids Zone. Everything is mini-sized here, making games, rides, and attractions the perfect size for preschoolers. They’ll jump for joy in this special space just for them.

Photographer: Garry Zhuang

9. Grouse Mountain

Just north of Vancouver, Grouse Mountain towers overhead, whispering promises of an exhilarating expedition with its summer activities. It might not be your traditional amusement park, but the time in nature is unforgettable.

Here, you’ll discover the true beauty of British Columbia. Whether you want to soar on a zip line or take a scenic Skyride to the peak, you’ll get a taste of unadulterated wildlife. It provides stellar views and is the perfect place to kick off New Year's Eve in Vancouver.

Check out the Mountain Ropes Adventure for a taste of what our performers make look effortless. Children over the age of 8 and adventurous at heart can attempt the challenge of a lifetime.

You’ll face an obstacle course that’ll push you to your limits as you make your way through aerial ropes. Of course, you’ll be harnessed for safety as you venture over plank bridges and scale-up climbing walls.

For a little less of an adrenaline rush, children and adults can make their way through the Kids Tree Canopy Adventure. While ideal for those under the age of 8, everyone is welcome to traverse wobbly bridges, cargo nets, and other obstacles.

Other Unique and Themed Attractions

If amusement parks aren’t your style, don’t fret! There are plenty of things to do in Vancouver that offer the same level of thrill wrapped up in a whole new package.

10. Flyover Canada

We revel in bringing you into our world, immersing you in our stories and the emotions our characters feel. Flyover Canada does the same. But instead of taking you to fantastical, larger-than-life settings, it brings you to some of the most beautiful destinations in the world.

When you visit here, you’ll be immersed in a vivid journey that feels real. The opportunities for exploration are practically endless. Take a trip flying over Hawaii’s volcanoes or see the rugged lands of the Mojave Desert from your sky-high vantage point.

It features flight motion seats that shift and turn with the wraparound screens that surround you, and special effects, such as wind, mists, and scents unique to your location of choice, make it feel real. You’ll find yourself completely engrossed as you experience some of the world’s most spectacular sights.

11. Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

At Capilano Suspension Bridge Park, the beauty of nature melds with the joy of learning in one grand experience. The bridge stretches 450 ft. across the Capilano River. It hovers 230 ft. in the air, wobbling and swaying as you trek across it, but don’t worry — it can hold the massive weight of 75 elephants.

While you're on the bridge, be sure to look up. You’ll be surrounded by some of the tallest trees in North America. Their canopies serve as habitats for all sorts of native wildlife, and if you’re lucky, you might catch a glimpse of a bald eagle in all its glory.

There's so much more to discover once you cross the bridge’s dizzying heights. Explore the Living Forest, a temperate rainforest ecosystem.

Photographer: Jainam Sheth

12. Sea to Sky Gondola

British Columbia is ripe with stellar vistas waiting to be appreciated. Year-round, you’ll find all sorts of events at the Sea to Sky Gondola, located near Vancouver in the mountain town of Squamish. The gondola features floor-to-ceiling glass panels, leaving you free to admire the endless panoramic views of mountains and sea.

Once you reach the summit, you’re free to explore. Trek along the Sky Pilot Suspension Bridge for a 360-degree view of the alpines and Howe Sound, or explore the easily accessible viewing platforms jutting out over the mountain’s side.

During winter months, ski touring and tubing down snowy slopes delight visitors. Warmer months offer glorious hiking trails.

Photographer: Josephine Lin

Plan a Great Day Out at an Amusement Park in Vancouver

There’s something special about amusement parks anywhere in the world, but the ones in Vancouver are amazing. From wild rides to breathtaking sights that seem too unbelievable to be real, they provide fun for the whole family and set the stage for a truly unforgettable experience.

Our shows in Vancouver are ready to jump in where the amusement parks leave off. After a day of climbing, flying, and sliding through the best the city has to offer, we keep the party going.

Watch dazzling performances with stellar soundtracks and cutting-edge special effects. Feel your stomach plummet as you watch our daring acrobats fly through the air so naturally that they make it look effortless.

Immerse yourself in the conformity-defying creativity we exude with each and every show we perform. The amusement parks in Vancouver might set the stage, but we’re here and ready to take it by storm.

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