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Celebrating 26 years of Cirque at Royal Albert Hall!

We’ve been lucky enough to bring amazement to Royal Albert Hall for the past 26 years. After so many years, we can say that we broke many records and reached many goals during our tenure at the Hall. Here’s a look back at our many accomplishments in London.

Over the last quarter of century (yeah, it’s really been that long!), we’ve had the pleasure to visit London yearly, ever since we first set foot at the Hall. This historic theater has played host to many Cirque performances over the years, creating a lasting bond between the two.

Each time we visit it always turns out to be noteworthy. We create memories for both our team and our audience, and we leave London filled with joy and ready for our next destination.

When it All Started 

We still look back fondly on the first time we performed at Royal Albert Hall. Back in 1996 (oof, we’re old!), Cirque was not yet a household name in Europe, and Saltimbanco taking over the Hall was definitely something that would be remembered. It was such a hit that the show returned the following year, and went back one last time in 2003, totaling 113 performances.  

If you didn’t get the chance to see Saltimbanco back during its touring days, you can see a snippet of the show below.

Alegría’s Record Residency  

After more than 5000 performances since it premiered, it’s safe to say that Alegría is a worldwide phenomenon. Out of these, a whooping 179 were done at Royal Albert Hall over four sets of representations. A personal record for Cirque at the Hall!  

Alegría is currently in Japan until October 10th, 2023, but who knows where it’s headed to next! Maybe it’s coming to your city? Subscribe for free to Club Cirque to be notified of shows coming near you.

KURIOS’ Big European Premiere 

Our latest achievement has just started its 2 months residency at the Hall. KURIOS – Cabinet of Curiosities is now beginning its European tour with a series of shows in London. Our steampunk-inspired show is right at home in the historic theater whose remarkable decor perfectly matches the show’s look and feel. 


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No Show is Too Big

Crossing the ocean with a full show could seem like an immense task to neophytes. Fortunately, years of experience have made us expert packers – so much so that Marie Kondo would swoon at our meticulously organized containers. Even with this skill in our back pocket, it was quite a challenge to bring KURIOS overseas. 

If you didn’t know, KURIOS – Cabinet of Curiosities is our biggest show, in terms of structure and moving parts. We even had to retrofit our rig to be able to use it securely at the Hall. It’s actually been a common occurrence for us as shows transition from Big Tops to arenas and theaters when touring. 

Locking in Our 1000th Performance 

26 years of shows at the Hall quickly added up and led us to our 1000th representation. The honor of passing this major number belongs to OVO, in 2018. Performing over 73 times at the Hall, our cast and crew had the pleasure of being the ones to celebrate this accomplishment. Kurios will bring this total over a whooping 1300 total performances for Cirque du Soleil with its current run!   


Relaunching the Tours in Europe with LUZIA

The pandemic certainly left its mark on Cirque du Soleil. Thankfully, we managed to bounce back and resume our activities around the globe, back in 2022. The relaunch wasn’t a piece of cake, and we have much to be proud of, but being able to bring LUZIA across the pond and start touring was the cherry on top. 

LUZIA is headed to Seville next, from February 3rd, 2023, to March 19th. You’ll then be able to catch our next performances in Vienna and Frankfurt: check out all the available dates right here.


Participating to Our 10th Royal Variety Performance 

2022 ended on a high note for our artists as they got the chance to get on stage for the latest Royal Variety Performance. This yearly televised program brings together diverse acts and numbers to put a sensational show together.  

Not to toot our own horn, but our latest participation was far from our first. We’ve been part of the showcase of talents many times, having the chance to do what we do best on different stages across London and stunning audiences with our acts.  

Cover image courtesy of Andy Paradise.

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